White Pine, Tennessee

July 10th 1979

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: White Pine Tn. USA

Date: 07/10/79 about 9:30P.M Eastern standard time

Approach Direction: out of the south east,

Departure Direction: turning completely to the North

Witness Direction: My brother and I where setting on the front portch facing the east.

Description: Warm, July, clear night. My brother and I was setting out on the front portch and we noticed a bright light. At first we thought it was a helicopter with a spot light on it, but it did not make any sound what so ever. As it got closer to us it flashed and it had changed to three different colored lights and in a triangle shape. The colors of the lights were, white, blue and red.

It was getting closer and it still didn't make any sound. Barely clearing the tree tops. When it had gotten close enough to actually see the structure of the flying craft it was as big as three houses and it was like a dark gray color and you could see some of the detail of the structure. Moving slowly over the house almost motionless. When it got past the house I could see the rear of the object it looked like jet engines, there where three of them, glowing red as fire but still no sound.

It kept going slowly away from us toward the north and like a lamp that was turned out instantly, it was gone....

Color/Shape: Dark gray, Triangliar, looked like it had been put together with rivetts....

Height & Speed: Height: 90 to 100 feet.. Speed of approach: 25-30mph departure: 1500mph

TV/Radio/Press: As can not recall any TV/radio hearing about it....


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