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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Summer 1979 : Corona, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Corona, California USA

Date: Summer of 1979 in the early evening about 1/2 hour after sundown.

Approach Direction: hovering

Departure Direction: did not witness the departure

Witness Direction: roughly south-west

Description: I was 14 years old living in Corona, California during the summer of 1979. It was just getting dark and I had climbed a small hall near my home on River Road. Hovering over the mountains that border our town to the south-west (I believe these are called the Cleveland National Forest)and visible at the base of a cloud were three lights in a triangular formation and central to these what appeared to be the base of some kind of craft. I recall seeing a blue, red and possibly purplish light. This craft did not appear to be moving at all. After about 5 minutes of observing, I ran home to inform my mother. She said I was crazy and dismissed the whole thing.

The next day we saw a report in the Corona Daily Independent that residents living near the base of the mountain had sighted something. What it was no one ever conjectured.

Color/Shape: Base: oval
  Lights: blue, red and purple in a triangular formation about the oval
  Top of craft was not visible.

Height & Speed: Hovering

TV/Radio/Press: As described in the account above, I recall a story in the local paper (Corona Daily Independent)taken from police reports at the time.