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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Winter 1979 : Corbin, Kentucky

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Corbin, KY. USA

Date: Around 10:00 the winter

Approach Direction: First it was right there in front of us up in the sky.

Departure Direction: It hovered there for maybe 3 seconds then, it kind of went sideways a little then where we seen the bright colors looked like from the side and as it took off we seen a blue streak across the sky.

Witness Direction: Facing towards the front of the porch.

Description: U.F.O. In the cloudy sky back in 1979. It was strange, it never moved, then all of a sudden took off like a bat out out of hell. I screamed it scared me half to death.

Color/Shape: Orangeish color, red, and green lights, on side real bright, then all of a sudden a glimpse of blue on bottom as it took off in a split second.

Height & Speed: It was at night,I was standing on a porch ,looking at some thing in the sky at first it looked kind of silver, it was up in the sky, Corbin, Kentucky 1979. It look like it was going to rain and the wind was blowing really hard out side.

TV/Radio/Press: No sighting was ever reported. It stood in one place for what seemed like for ever then it took off across the sky and was gone.