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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1980 : Kansas City, Missouri

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: kansas city, mo. "usa" the very next day listening to the news to see if it was reported to find it was not reported locally but... Australia navy reported seeing a ufo and it came on the news

Date: this was 27 years ago the date i'm not sure but with some investagation it could be found but it was around 9pm dark "night time" clear sky.

Approach Direction: from the east to the west then did a complete circle to the north over the kci airport then to east then to the south where it came directly over me again then flew over the city of kansas city.

Departure Direction: south

Witness Direction: i fallowed it for a few miles till i was able to pull over for a clear view for a long time it was moving so slow i could almost walk faster then it was flying.

Description: it was huge rectangle longer then it was wide and almost as tall as it was wide..only 1 light in the center about as brite as a star the color blended with the sky al i could say it was big really big larger then the apartment complex it was flying over and was close anough to the ground it looked like if i was able to get on top of the apartment i mite been able to grab it then i fallowed it it was moveing real slow you could not hear anything but the wind comeing around it "untill" i beamed it with a spot light then i herd the motor rub up sounded like a electric motor then it took off like lightning cuting a huge circle over the airport i can see it all the bottom the back then the side and sence it was turning i was able to see the top then the front remind you it blinded with the sky but i could still see it....after the big circle it came right back over the top of me where i herd the motors unwind and slowed to almost a stop then drifted over the city where i then deside not to beam it with my spot light again.

Color/Shape: it was rectangle it had corners 6 sides like a giant shoe box same color as the nite sky haveing only 1 light in the center of the bottom i couldn't guess how big it was but really really big as i told my mom but then the australia navy reported they seen 1 they est. size was 3 football fields wide and 5 football fields long.

Height & Speed: it was really low to the ground it seemed like it wasn't 200 feet up but it was so big and i could almost walk as fast as it was flying till i beamed it with a spot light then it showed me its power and speed and came back like it was daring me to do it again "i still wonder what would of happin if i did it again."

TV/Radio/Press: it was reported on local news the next night but not reported by local authorities being reported by Australia navy.