May 20th 1980

Name: James S.

Location: Lorain, Ohio USA

Above the Lofton Henderson Bridge, which was known at the time, as the 21st street bridge.

Date: May 20th, 1980 6PM

Approach Direction: Single Object. Just North of the bridge, about 100 feet above the overhead girders, directely over the Black River which empties into Lake Erie.

Departure Direction: The Craft moved silently and slowly to the southwest

Witness Direction: I was a passanger in a car with 2 friends and we were heading west from the east over the bridge to the other side of town.

Description: I was then 16 years old, My 2 friends were older Roy was 19 and kevin the driver of the car was 18. We were going out to a coffee shop diner for some food and they for coffee. As we began across the bridge cars ahead of us began stopping and pulling off the to the berm and people were getting out of thier cars and pointing up. Kevin and Roy saw it first as I was in the backseat. They said "Oh my god...Look a spaceship" Incredibly, they were correct. There it was, only 75 to 100 feet above us and to the right, I could see it's side and it's bottom perfectely, I could see the running lights one on top, one on the bottom, Orange light on top, blue light on bottom. We stopped the car and got out. It was moving completely silent and about only 5-10MPH almost hovering, The bottom appeared to have a spinning mechanism in it's center. In fact the whole ship seemed more alive than a mechanical craft. But it was like it was made out of a material that was changing shape rather than spinning. It had a classic saucer shape with a turret on top and a turret on bottom. while the ship was silvery smooth. This was a sighting with multiple witnesses. We got back in kevins camero and followed it into south lorian where we stopped a spanish policeman in his car and pointed it out to him as it moved overhead we asked him what it was and he looked just as shocked as us and proclaimed " It looks like a spaceship" He radioed it in, I'm certain of this. Soon after that however he sped away. We followed for awhile, but it began to pick up speed and move southwest over a wooded area and we were low on gas. having kept it in view for 15-20 minutes we finally called the hunt off before we ran out of gas. We went to the diner where 2 officers were inside and told them what we saw, but they dimissed us as liars. It is so difficult, because I never saw anything in the papers even though dozens or maybe more saw it. I should place an ad in the local papers to see if any witnesses recall the event. Years later I asked Kevin about the saucer and he said yes I remember, but no one believes me when I tell them, I told him, well I believe you! we were there and witnessed an event of a lifetime.

I belive it was later that year or early the next year that a saucer was witnessed by an entire coast guard unit in Beachwood, Ohio in winter as it landed on the ice on Lake Erie, cracking the ice and staying there for 20 minutes until it left again. The military was involved in that scene and I have often wondered if it was the same craft.

Color/Shape: Sivery metallic disc shaped, somewhat oblong. Top and bottom turrets. Length about 75feet, height about 30 feet. It was a large craft. Symbol etchings or markings in the skin of the craft around turrets, like the chrome on a car, the etchings appeared on the pieces of the craft where it appeared different pieces merged, like where the turrets connected to the main body of the craft.

Height & Speed: 25- 30 feet, It was as big as a decent sized home. It moved silentelty and effortlessly and never moved any faster than 40MPH until it moved away from us over woodland and out of view.

TV/Radio/Press: We were told by those other police that it was probaly a blimp! Yeah right.

I wish I had the name of the lorain patrolman that saw it as well, for he knew he was looking at a UFO and radiod it in, however I think he was told to keep his mouth shut or people would think he's crazy. That's pretty much the reaction you get when tell non-believers who have never experienced this. I'm just thankfull that I have.


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