Santa Clarita Valley, California

Summer 1980s

California's, Santa Clarita Valley Disk Shaped Craft With Small Portholes & Dome

Date: Summer - around the 1980s
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Duration: 45 seconds
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Size of Object: 75-100 feet in diameter.

Message: I thought you may have interest on the experience my wife and I had. We not only know for a fact but this also proves to us that many governments are withholding the truth. If we saw this, we are confident thousands of other have seen such crafts and probably large numbers of military personnel.

My conclusion is that it alters many sociological beliefs such as man invented religion and many others aspects of life and even environmental factors and our impact on it.

This altered our reality. We continue to search the skies and hope to have an opportunity to see them again.


It was one warm summer Friday around 10:00 pm in the evening in California's Santa Clarita Valley, located north of Los Angeles. I was brushing the swimming pool with a long pole and attached brush so that the kids could swim the following day. The pole requires you reach up to push down against he walls of the pool. I was standing on a high platform next to the pool about 4 feet over the rest of the pool area. As I reached to the upper end of the pole, I saw a craft approaching the house from the west and heading south east direction. It was about one block away at a low altitude.

I knew right away that it was not a helicopter or plane. It seemed flatter and wider and with lights in a circumference of the main frontal area. I ran towards the house (about 60 feet away) and called my family to see it. Only my wife came out. By that time, it was directly over our house and pool. It was approximately 75-100 feet above us. We stood along side of pool. It made no sound whatsoever, and it was at a complete stopped over us for about 40 seconds. The only motion was a slight wobble and when it moved downward at an angle. During that time, we were frozen in disbelief. It is a strange sensation knowing that what you are seeing is not supposed and very foreign.

The craft was about 75-100 feet or less in diameter. It had small porthole and lights around it in the upper dome section, it was solid, metallic and shiny. There was a dome above it and attached to the body with no visible separation, as if it were molded as one solid craft. The under section was concave towards the center and had two rectangular shapes along side each other and the length of the concave diameter. The rectangular shapes was about 7-10 feet in width and as along as the craft's concave underside center. I also noticed ski like devices on the front and on each side of the front leading edge window. What caught my attention was that the devices were not in the center or the center of gravity for the craft's design but very forward. The skis were S shaped with the top of the S facing forward. Upon the craft leaning in a downward motion we could see a window or cockpit like glass that was situated in the underside of the front leading edge. It was on the front lower edge of the round craft. The rectangular window was approximately 4 feet in height and possibly 12-15 feet in length. There was a glow of soft orange and blue lights from the inside but we could not see anyone or any controls.

It remained at a forward and downward angle for about 10 seconds. We both had the sensation of being watched. As it was angled, I noticed that light was reflecting from the upper section that was not facing the swimming pool lights. Thus, it seemed to generate light through the skin of the craft as the lights that first attracted me faced forward and were much lower than the upper section of the craft.

My wife and I did not say anything to each other during the experience but she kept saying "oh my God" over and over again. The craft then left slowly at 30-40 mph. I jumped on a wall around our property to continue seeing for at least 7-miles. I instructed my wife not to discuss it, to draw what she saw and then we would compare drawings. They matched, although mine had more detail and accuracy.

My background include Group Propulsion Systems and later as an executive with several major computer companies. What we saw was close, real, solid, and a beautiful designed craft. I know from my aeronautical engineering background that mankind has no such technology.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the excellent and exciting report. HBCC UFO Research has left out some of the witnesses personal background. Let me tell you, the witness does have some excellent credentials.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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