Ann Arbor, Michigan


Ann Arbor, Michigan A Delta Shaped Or Triangular Flying Craft & More

Hello Brian

My Name is (name removed), I have been interested in UFO's for quite some time. I have had some very meaningful experiences, beginning with growing up in the Ann Arbor area. I was born in Detroit in 1958, went to elementary school in Ann Arbor, then Middle School, and High School in Dexter MI. Graduating in 1976. In Ann Arbor we lived across the street from Jim Mcdivott I believe he was a Lt. Col. at the time, his family would come over for BBQ's when they were in town. Do you know who he was.

Anyway one experience that stands out and if there were any other witnesses to this sighting, some correspondence would be nice. I was working for a moving company on a trip from Benton Harbor to Lansing in 1981 driving by myself on I-94 west of Kalmazoo When I saw a huge craft float over the highway. By huge, I mean the craft was at least 5 miles from where I was and it spanned the width of my windshield. I stopped the truck and climbed on top to see it better, it was rectangular no rounded edges that I could see and it couldn't have been more than 500 feet off the ground. The time was about 3:00 or 4:00 pm. Did anyone else see this? As you probably know there was quite alot of activity of this type during the 60's and 70's in Michigan. Please E-mail if you have questions or info I have alot more experiences to discuss, including a visit from some government guys to my parents when I was very young.

Additional Information:

Thank you Brian for responding so quickly to my e-mail. I believe you are doing a greater service than you may know by reporting the experiences of people who are having these life changing things happen to them.

The experience with Jim McDivott, (yes he was a Gemini Astronaut) happened when I was about 6 years old and outside playing when a craft flew in over the rooftops of the neighborhood, maybe 30 feet over the rooftops. It was delta shaped or triangular and flying unusually slow. It was afternoon blue skies. I do not know why this memory stands out so clear, but I remember waving at the pilot and being waved back at. Strange huh, well about 2 days later these guys in suits show up at the door and take my parents into another room, I can't remember how long they were in there before Mr. McDivott showed up at the door with his family. Everything after that is lost in time. I just can't remember. My father always encouraged me to look up at night, I always wondered if he knew something I did not. My family life got pretty tough after that fights, separation and divorce. The experiences stopped that I can remember, then my parents died in a car accident in 1981. I have know idea why they were together in the same car. I do not know if Mr. McDivott is still alive, but I know that he started a research group involving unknown phenomenon I believe it is in California. I did try to contact him but no luck.

Thank You Brian for who you are and what you are doing.

P.S. I've been watching your website for about 3½ years I found thru Jeff Rense.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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