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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1981 : Painesville, Ohio

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Painesville, Ohio USA

Date: u/k u/k 1981

Time: Night, around 11pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Triangle, the front came to a gental point. bowed out at side, lights on side of craft, back looked indented, bottom was flat. seemed big enough to be 2 stories high, about just a guess, 70 ft. long and slightly smaller in back, but, I didn't get a good look a back of craft so not sure. I have seen it more than once.

Weather Conditions: Clear night each time

Description: Okay, I am opening this up for anyone to comment or Q. All I ask is be kind as this is not easy for me. This may be a long post, but I think it might be interesting. I've never told a soul what I'm about to say here. I am also going to try to give as much detail as possible, for those interested.

I have thought long and hard lately about how to write this down so I'll start at the beginning and end at the end. A little about me, I live near Cleveland Ohio, but in a suburb. This happened about 25 to 28 yrs. ago. I remember it like it was yesterday, at least parts of it. There are no lights on my street.

I have stated before something's about this, but, as I was trying to recall what I've been trying to forget for yrs. I remembered, well one more detail here is where I'll start.

My Mom was remarried, R**'s daughter A**** was going to move in, but she wasn't here yet. So, I had my room to myself. I have never liked the window shades open, I even have double shades on it now (as I'm back at my folks house). That night is was hot, so I had the window opened.

Something woke me up, I was a sound sleeper, no more. I went right to the window even though I had no ideal what woke me. Well, to my left, east of Lake Erie, if that matters, there was a ship. That is what I'm going to call it, It was a UFO to me, since I have no ideal what it was. We have a large back yard, and at the time no houses behind ours which is what way my window faced. Just a lot of woods.

A house on both side were there at the time.

Now, I see this ship, off to my left, and it was moving very slowly, I was thinking helicopter, but it didn't have that shape, nor was there a sound, as such. It had what looked like a spotlight going back and forth across the ground.

That's about the time I saw the second ship, off to my right this time coming over the trees and much closer. It also had a light searching the ground in the same fashion. Then, All of a sudden the light flew right up in my face. I'm not sure if my legs went out or I ducked or both, hee hee.

I woke in my bed, the next morning.

Shortly after that, A**** came to live with us, twin beds in my room. Herein, starts the 4-5 week string of weird things happening.

I woke one night to just like before, but remember A**** now shared the room. It didn't wake her though. There was that same ship. Light in the window, and the next thing I knew A*** was waking me up early in the morning.

I was outside on a lawnchair sleeping. She said K****, better get inside before our parents wake up they'll be pissed if they see you out here.

Now, we have an above ground pool, It has a latter plus a lock, the key is inside the back door. We keep it closed and locked to be safe. When I woke, I was in my jammies and the key was where it was supposed to be. But, the lawnchair, well how on earth did it get off the pool. I don't remember doing it. Never before or after have I been a sleepwalker.

I try to tell the truth all the time, unless I might hurt someone feelings, then I might fudge. When A**** asked me what I was doing outside, I didn't even think, I just said I was hot and thought I'd lie outside for a while and must have fell asleep. Lie !!! Funny though, never meant to lie it just came out plain as day from my mouth, I never even thought about it.

This episode repeated it self 4 or 5 times that summer, however, every time after , I woke up and went back in side before anyone noticed I was missing. A**** never noticed except that 1st time. no one did.

As for the ships, since I'd seen 2 that first time, I have a fair description of them (it) It was triangle in shape but not quite. This was before we all heard about these ships, at least my family.

Okay, so picture a triangle, longer on the sides, then the back, but not by much. The tip was rounded not a sharp point. The sides bowed outward but not to much. From the nose it got , don't know how to say this bow shaped, as if there were more than one floor on the ship. The back was slightly bowed in, like someone took a bite out of it, but not that pronounced. the edge of the back were fairly pointed.

In the middle, around the edges were lights of different colors, I noticed that the first time, as it seemed the 2 ships were communicating threw the lights, or maybe just a precaution not to run into each other. What do I know?

Whew, that's about it. I'd like to hear input if anyone is willing...I don't really want to believe I was abducted, but don't let that cloud your comments, better to know then not.

Be nice, and I'll answer any Q. if you have them, I'm a very open person so ask what you want.

And Thanks for listening, don't know how I feel yet, but at least I don't have that beast of a secret anymore.

P.S. I've had a terrible time with the computer this morning it kept shutting off when I was trying to start up and turn off a few times when I was writing this. Just a note?

TV/Radio: I did not report this. At all! If anyone else seen it I haven't looked up reports, at the time I barely read the paper and never watched the news.