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Sighting Report

Malibu Beach, California, USA
January 1981

NAME: Nina Hagen

I was standing on the window, in the first floor of a rented house in Malibu-Beach/California/USA

it was in january 1981, in the middle of the night (I can`t recall the exact day it was anymore...)

the "lightship" was hovering right infront and about 4 or 5 metres above me like "hanging" in the night-sky

I don´t remember seeing it dissapear

straight forward facing the ocean, always looking "up to it"

I was 25 years old and four and a half months pregnant with my first child. After Dinner with my Mom and 3 friends, everbody went to bed in their own bedrooms. I went in my bedroom upstairs and closed the curtain on the window....(I remember very well..) and went to sleep. The next thing I remember is: I wake up! I go straight towards the window and open the curtain! (...in the middle of the night! I don´t know, why!)...And there "it" was!!

It was a most amazing LIGHTSHIP and my mouth dropped open, I felt extreme BLISS, I had one thought left in my head, which sounded somewhat like this: "WOW! I can´t think anymore...God! ..Am I HAPPY !!!!!!!"

Oh,well, I can´t move....I can´t call my friends, who sleep downstairs....GOD,AM I HAPPY !!!!!!!!

I " stared " (looked) into the Light, which emanated out of the ROUND-shaped craft. I was like totally paralised...I think my mouth was open ...the whole time...The Light showed itself in the different spectrum-colors...I saw YELLOW and felt a very intelligent, caring LOVE....(vibration), then came the colour GREEN !!!! SAME DELIGHT, but with another kind of loving energy...then came all the other colors, blue, turqoise, orange, red....in the end came : WHITE !

When I had to describe the intensity of the Light...it did NOT HURT THE EYES AT ALL! Totally different, then any very strong light-sources I know from " here "....as I said, the Light of the space-ship DID NOT HURT MY EYES AT ALL!

A most outstanding experience is also, that the different spectrum-colors had all a different....loving energy...beyond words or discribtion! The last color "it" showed was white.

After that, I could look inside! It looked like a little, modern office, like a cool little recording-studio....There were three people in it...I can`t discribe any outstanding features, but one was a female...please don´t ask me why and how I know) and the other two were male. They were all dressed alike with "nice"-looking tight overalls.

To me, they looked human...but I could`nt discribe them more accurate. They never looked at me...they were busy "doing/talking" something amongst themselves.

That´s all I remember.

The next thing, that I can remember, is, that I woke up in my bed in the morning, the Sun was shining bright into my face and the first thought, that came into my mind, was, that I have seen a U.F.O.!!! And it was not a dream...because I remembered, that I closed the curtain before going to bed....and now: the curtain was (still) open....I remembered the whole nightly encounter, as I`ve just told you....

all colors where presented to me the ship was round,from my view..it was hovering in front -and above me

I never saw it dissapear-I can´t remember,how I went back from the window to my bed....

I am a (quite) wellknown Singer/entertainer, born 1955 in Berlin / Germany and I have told many people around the globe, also on TV...in interviews.

I have a homepage: http://www.beepworld.de/members77/ninahagendas/

We have a guestbook/forum in there, where we communicate and discuss many (important)things of Life!


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