April 1981

UFO Encounter In Alabama Shuts Vehicle Down

Date: April 1981
Time: Approx: 11:30 p.m.

I believe it was April, 1981. It was a cool evening in Alabama and my soon-to-be-wife, and I had just left her brother's house located on a rural section of land close to the Tennessee River. It was about 11:30 pm and we were taking her father's Olds Cutlass to her brother's in-laws house where we were to stay the night. About 1.4 mile away from her brother's house, the car suddenly choked and gasped to a stop. Luckily, the road was mostly straight and I was able to bring it to a safe stop. The ignition was ON, but everything was actually OFF. No idiot lights, no radio, no headlights or taillights. Even my LCD Seiko watch stopped working.

My girlfriend had a mechanical watch on and it kept running. After this (which only took a matter of seconds for the car to stop), a very bright, white light appeared overhead from the right side, over some trees. We opened the windows slightly (crank type) and heard no sounds of any kind. I looked up through the windshield and was blinded by the intense light. She wanted to get out of the car to see what it was, but I told her to stay put and we both locked our doors (it was a 2-door sedan). In what seemed like an eternity, we looked at each other in amazement, barely able to speak, wondering what in the world it was. However, as quickly as the light had appeared, it suddenly disappeared. I never noticed any craft of any sort, only the light. As soon as it disappeared, the car's radio came on, the lights came back on and the idiot lights lit up. My watch even began to work once again.

Her watch indicated that about 4-6 minutes had elapsed. We had been mumbling before when the light was overhead, about it being a DEA or FBI helicopter, but it wasn't making any noise. Once I started the car and began to drive the 10 miles to the in-laws place for the night, we tried to make sense of the whole incident. In fact, we've been trying to rationalize this event for the past (almost) 25 years, to no avail. The only thing we can attribute that event to is some sort of extra-terrestrial craft. Nothing else makes any sense, even knowing that we have the capability of producing stealth aircraft and the like.

Thank you to the witness for their interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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