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UFO Sighting Report - USA

April 1st 1981/1982 : Near Albany, New York

UFOINFO E-mail Report

UFOINFO Note: The first paragraph refers to the Early June 2007 Great Sacandaga Lake, Edinburg, New York sighting

Caught this on my beachfront on the Great Sacandaga Lake, Edinburg NY. A UFO researcher featured on the April cover of UFO magazine, a gentle man contacted me after the article ran, and told me he was currently photgraphing UFOs in the same area (over Albany NY) where I had seen three round circles of light some 26 years previous. He also said he believed he could vector the phenomena and had caught a UFO over my home on the lake, which had not been visible when the shot was taken. He claims he has captured dozens of "unseen" UFOs. So, my wife and I were floored when this shot turned up. This UFO also was not visible when the shot was taken. The photo was taken 3 weeks ago, mid day with a D200 Nikkon digital. No other anomolies have turned up as far as the performance of the camera. The camera is brand new and has performed perfectly before and since. I've included my 1981 sighting as follows.

I certainly never expected that April Fool's Day would be the day that changed my life; changing it at the deepest part of my being. Afterall, the coming day was to be nothing special, I was just planning some bed rest for my bad back. Sure, as usual, I'd probably play a few innocent pranks, but other than that it would be nothing out of the ordinary, boy was I wrong. A few days earlier I had received a call from my good friend Jeff, asking if I wanted to go fishing for the first day of trout season. We chatted for a few minutes and intrigued, but not feeling very well, I decided I'd check the local weather report; just for the heck of it. Jeff could be very persuasive. After hearing that the weather looked alright, highs in 60's, I made a tentative half-hearted agreement to go; as usual, he talked me into it.

Having been out of work and probably no longer having a job, I'd taken a nasty fall working as a fireman at the local airport. Young, foolish, and facing back surgery, Jeff had decided that maybe some angling would be the best prescription. If I could hobble, he reasoned, I could fish. As usual, since I'd been going stir crazy and really getting no better, and since we'd probably get skunked anyway, I knew we'd end up at Jeff's personal pond loaded with bass, bullheads and pickerel. So, I said OK. At least at the pond I knew I'd never go home empty handed, and I could lay pondside resting my back as I watched my bobber. It all seemed innocuous enough, I just had no idea what the trip really held in store.

"We goin'?" Jeff asked on the phone in his usual upbeat and daring me kind of way. At which point, I gave in; and so we made our plans to get an early start the next morning so we'd be on the water in time to... well, essentially, screw off all day. The clear, crisp morning arrived like any other, but that "like any other" part was certainly not to last. Almost canceling, at 5am or so I mentally conceded and decided it would be a perfect day to do some mental recuperating. I impatiently waited for Jeff to arrive.

Jeff picked me up around 5:30 am, and decided we'd head out for our favorite spot. Not that we ever caught anything, it was just a beautiful spot. There, I could lay on the rocks and the walk in was only a short walk on a path, easy on the back. We realized the water was still probably too high from the spring melt, but undaunted we threw the poles and tackle box in the car and headed out. It always felt good to get out in nature. Leaving Colonie NY, we jumped on the interstate. From Colonie NY we'd take I-90 East past Albany and head out toward East Greenbush NY. From there, we planned to jump on Rt 20 and head out to Jeff's home town, the small town of Nassau NY and a spot on the local creek everyone knew as "Honeysuckle".

Cruising along in the Jeff's 72 Chevy Nova, we joked and psyched ourselves up to catch the big one. Several miles outside Albany, somewhere around Exit 9 or 10, I remember spotting cars ahead and thinking how odd it was that so many were pulled off the side of the road; like some convoy that had went awry. I don't remember exactly how many cars there were, but there was certainly enough to catch our attention.

Jeff was the kind of guy that was always curious, and raised in the country, was always willing to help somebody out. He too saw the cars ahead and I remember him turning to me to remark. We both chatted about what we thought could be wrong and before I knew it, Jeff was pulling off the road to ask if we could help. As we pulled over to stop and rolled the window down, a guy came running up. What he blurted out was something neither of us ever expected. I don't remember his exact words, but franticly, euphorically, the guy told us we had to come look; something about seeing UFO's. Was this some kind of elaborate April Fool's joke, Jeff could be a real prankster, and afterall, we were near his home turf.

Always ready to find something interesting to do, like taking his old Nova off roading, Jeff was the type of guy who just couldn't say no to his curiosity, but really, I was no better. So, believing myself of above average intelligence, I painfully got out of the car to see what these "fools" were talking about. As we got out, several people rushed over and told us they'd seen UFO's up ahead, telling us if we stayed right where we were, we'd also probably see something. They themselves had seen several already. Well, allthough I was ready to write them off as Jeff's April Fool's joke, they managed to pull off the best April Fool's trick I'd ever seen.

Up ahead to the East, off to the left hand side of the horizon, I suddenly saw a magenta colored sphere, about the size of the setting Sun in a summer sky. It rose up from the horizon and stopped dead in mid air. The sphere, or whatever it was, appeared as an extremely well defined circle, a circle unmistakable from anything else in the morning sky, just a magenta circle like the moon appears on a clear night. As we watched in amazement, the thing just hung there for a few seconds completely motionless. I hate to say it again, but it appeared just like the moon does to the naked eye, as a white circle. But this was magenta and it was neither the moon or the sun, I knew this because... they don't move. I couldn't tell if it was completely round or flat or maybe even a tube whose end was the only visible part. But as I tried to make sense of it, it began to move again, however the term moving would not describe this. This thing proceeded to shoot off at incredible speed. heading South it went about 3/4 the length of the visible sky, then once again stopping on a dime. From our position on the side of the road, we had an unobstructed view. i can't even tell you how fast this thing moved, it was all but instantaneous. The speed of this thing, from a dead stop, was nothing like any of us had ever seen before. This was no weather balloon, this was something else.

Then, once again, it began to move only a short ways this time and began what can only be described as a pacing motion, back and forth, north to south, like a quaterback looking for a hole. Amazingly, this thing whatever it was appeared to be a controlled object. Next, while in motion, this thing made a right angle turn and shot straight up into the heavens until it dissappaered from view. again the speed was absolutely amazing. At the time we could only think of the term "hyper-spacing" to describe how fast this thing moved; like the Enterprise hitting Warp Ten. As it shot out of sight or more correctly, seemed to disappear from view, it looked as if it had shot off into some other dimension, it just kind of faded from view and was gone. Behind it, it left behind a cloud of the same magenta color. The cloud hung eerily in the morning sky for several minutes; until slowly it dissipated. Needless to say, working at the airport and familiar with most things that fly, we were stunned. I must admit, I was no stranger to seeing weird stuff in the sky. As a kid, my Star Trek and Matt Mason toys filled my young mind with images of the sky and space. Once, Trick or Treating, when I was about ten, four of us had seen a rotating, wobbling ring of lights high up the size of the stars. Then about 1965, one afternoon at supper time, I saw a fireball streak across the western, sky; this was about the year of the Kecksburg Incident, but now decades later, I can't be exactly sure when it was. These two events, I had always felt so very privaliged to witness. But this one, this was something completely different. This didn't even have a remotely plausible explanation. This was something you see once in a lifetime; but for many, not even that. This was the most bizaare thing I had ever seen.

The people milling about the interstate excitedly yelled things like "We told you" and "Did you see it?" "Keep Watching!" and "We've seen others." But before we could really begin much of a conversation, screams and excited yells alerted us to the fact that there was a second perfectly circular object rising in the exact same spot... not that we had, for a moment, taken our eyes off the horizon. There it was, a second magenta sphere rising from the exact same position, and appearing to be following the same exact same flight path; manuevering exactly the same way as the sphere only a minute or so before had done. Hanging motionless in the clear sky, it rocketed off on the same exact line across the horizon; just like a the object before it. Then, the pacing, and then the launch out into space or... wherever. This was extroadinary stuff and nothing, nothing could offer a reasonable explanation... and I prided myself on being of a pretty smart guy. I could think of nothing that explained what I was witnessing. And no, I know what you're thinking, it wasn't the morning sun, but it did resemble it. As we all know the sun does not move or shoot across the sky.

We were all floored, all the witnesses, but just as we started to talk, there was yet another. Unbelievably, another sphere rose form that exact same spot and followed the exact same flight path, just as the two before had done. This third sphere, as impressive as the first two, was however, the last we would see. As we returned to the group, we began euphorically to share our experience... a bonding experience like no other. I remember everyone milling about talking to Jeff and I, and after we were all satisfied that there was nothing more to see, we slowly, reluctantly, one by one, went on our way. Foolishly, none of us exchanged any information on who we were. I can only hope someone sees this article and contacts me.

With a need to verify our experience, after fishing and getting skunked, Jeff and I called the Albany County Airport (now Albany International). We at least wanted to see if anyone else had reported anything strange in the sky. However, we were quickly dismissed and assured no one had reported anything odd. But I'm sure if anyone did call, they were quickly written off as an April Fool's joke, that's how we were treated. The guy on the other end of the phone was laughing at us. We also called the local paper, The Albany Times Union, but again gave up after they too showed no interest; April Fool's Day of all days, can you blame them?

After the sighting, the subject of UFO's took over my life, I found myself feeling priviliged to know that there was more to our existence than many people were aware of. After some research, I found out that what we had seen, was not an unfamiliar sight to those who have seen UFOs; that most often these circles appear as orange spheres. I always figured that the color difference was somehow due to the rising rays of the morning sun; that somehow, they affected "the things" normal hue. Many report that these spheres are often accompanied by a tubular or cigar shaped craft, but we never saw one.

Now, as for the year, although I'm pretty sure this was 1981, relatively early, somewhere around 8AM, but I suppose it may have been 1982. There is some confusion as to the date, as I had three back surgeries in those years. But whether 1981 or 1982, I was to learn it was the beginning of one of the most intriguing periods in NY history, at least to me; The Hudson Valley UFO Flap.

From 1982 to 1986, it's estimated that as many as 5000 witnesses from New Haven Connecticut to the surounding counties of NYC, reported seeing an immense, boomerang shaped craft. The craft could move incredibly slowly, but then, just like our sighting, would dart off at incredible speed. From workers at the Indian Point power plant came an estimate that the craft was at least 1000 feet long. Many witnesses called it "as big as a city." Witnesses over NYC's Croton Resevoir watched as the immense craft shone a red beam of light down on the lake. Like ourselves, witnesses on the Taconic Parkway pulled to the side of the road to watch the mysterious craft creep slowly past. Although many today attribute those sightings to what, at that time, would have been the Stealth Bomber, what we saw had aerodynamic characteristics that no plane is capable of. What we saw was certainly no plane.

To witnesses of our event, there was no confusion, no known aircraft appears circular and no known aircraft could perform such maneuvers as we saw these spheres perform. To this day, not as close as we once were, it's always the first thing Jeff and I talk about when we get a chance to catch up. The Sun, the Moon or Venus don't shoot across the morning sky. What we saw had to move at thousands of miles per hour; almost instantaneous. Certainly no bird appears perfectly circular or magenta in color, and no has ever bird moved that fast. No, this was not a weather balloon, This was not swamp gas. This was not a Stealth Bomber or a laser beam, this... this was something else; this was the day that changed my life.