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Sighting Report

Lake Tahoe, California, USA
August 20th 1983

Name: Tom Brougher

E-mail: tgb@mindsync.com

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Time = 2-3 PM (PST)

Approach Direction:
From the South

Departure Direction:
To the North

Witness Direction:
Facing the South East

At the time we were camping in the Sierra-Nevada mountains at a Glacier. When I noticed a beautiful rainbow which occured after a brief thunder storm over Lake Tahoe, California. I decided to take a picture of it. I then noticed a UFO coming over the valley and looked at it for a couple scounds then it was gone. I told some friends that I wished I could have snaped a picture of the UFO.
If you noticed that the date was 08/20/83 +/- a few days.
I have found the photo (which was inlarged to an 8x10) that I took that day of the rainbow and the UFO was in the top right of the photo.

The color was a pure silicon dark grey looking object. It looked like a disk with a round tower on top of the disk.

Height & Speed:
I would say it was flying at 10-15 thousand feet and it's air speed was approximately 4-600 MPH.



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