June 4th 1983

Name: Joseph

Location: Lyndhurst, NJ, USA

Date: on or around 6/4/83

between 11 am- 1pm local time

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: North-West

Description: Both myself and my neighbor and friend, Melissa, were only five years old and lived only a few hundred feet apart in 1983, when we both witnessed what we would call a U.F.O.- We did not even know each other yet, but we would become classmates and best friends long before we ever told each other about our similar encounters.

For me, I remember clearly walking out of my house and into my backyard. I had been watching T.V. with my mother when she fell asleep on the couch, which she would never normally do. I don't know why, but I decided to go outside alone even though I probably wouldn't have if my mother was awake. I was standing in the middle of the yard and was either already looking up or was playing when something in the sky caught my immediate attention. It was completely clear and sunny out and from over our garage which was at the west end of the yard came the edge of a large object that seemed to cover the entire sky by its size and proximity as it passed over me. It was metallic grey and flat along the bottom with lines running in both directions and some relatively small round objects that looked like lights or dark windows but were not illuminated and were set in the bottom, not protruding. The object was almost completely silent except for a slight breeze that I could hear as it slowly moved eastward over my yard. I felt as if it was definately not usual even though I was very young, but I could not look away except to look back towards my house and call for my mother. No one else was around, not even in my neighbors' yards, which is strange for that time of day in the suburbs. It spanned the area above my yard between the garage and my house until none of the sky was visible with excepton to the north and south sides of the cruising object. It literally seemed to cruise, not float like a balloon or fly like any vehicle I've ever seen since. It was steady and slow. The shape revealed itself as a full rectangle when the western edge finally appeared from behind the garage. I had first seen the front roll over, I could see the edges of the sides while it passed and now I could see the straight line of the fourth side. All of the four sides were straight. It seemed close enough to hit with a rock if I had been older and stronger. It was approximately the length of a football field from East to West but perhaps a quarter or third of that distance along its width from North to South. It seemed relatively thin from its belly to its top side which was obviously not visible from underneath the object where I was standing. So, it was like a giant, flat, metallic rectangle, unike any sci-fi, aero-dynamic object I have grown up hearing about. It never swayed or deviated, nether did it speed up nor slow down. I did feel as if someone was looking at me looking at them, particularly in the middle where the most memorable orb was positoned on the bottom of the object. I was excited, confused, and alone, but did not feel in danger. However, although it never stopped, I do feel as if I made some sort of contact, particularly when I recall how fixated I was on the center circle, almost like time had stood still and was now progressing again. It was if I had been taken from and returned to the same spot in time as I was staring at the dark, glass-like circle. When I could see the end of the craft, I finally realized t The next year we moved one town over and I started a new school where I would meet Melissa. We've been friends ever since. Just a couple of years ago, in 1999, while we and some friends were driving up to Penn State University for Arts-Fest, the driver asked us all if any of us had ever seen what we would call a U.F.O.- Melissa and I immediately said that we had. I remember that we actually began to speak very enthusiastically over each other at the same time because we both felt a sense of relief, until we realized we were describng the same event. Everyone just listened as we compared notes. She let me go first because she had already confided her story to one of the other passengers, our friend Tracy who was the Penn State student, and they could see I was bursting at the seams to unload my burden. I recounted my story in detail because it is still one of the most vivid memories I have. Both girls realized that it matched perfectly with Melissa's story and I could barely believe it myself when they confirmed that Melissa had seen the same exact thing. The details matched because Melissa's house was parallell with mine only a hundred yards or so westward down the block. She had also told her mother who never belived it but always remembered when her daughter told her the story. She has since begun to wonder after hearing my story, wether she was wrong not to believe it the first time. But then again, I would probably not believe it if it hadn't happened to me. Melissa and I were born four days apart. Her address was 331 and mine was the reverse 133, but I don't think that matters much.

Now, as an adult, I wonder if that day has altered my life somehow. I have had visions of events that later took place and memories of periods I was not born during, particularly early to mid 1900's. I believe in science and have come to see the encrypted, encoded, Kabbalistic understanding of the Bible as the world's oldest science text book. There is much evidence of E.T. life in the scripture especially in the era before the Great Flood. The elokim are specified to have taken woman from Earth and created giant, powerful offspring with six digits on each limb. They dominaed the earth with great technology, enslaved man to worship them and created hybrid creatures. They could fly in assembled mechanisms and had power similar to lazers. Their corruption of Earth led to its destruction and their exile from the planet they had invaded. I believe these were originally angelic creatures who helped create the universe and knew its secrets. They were able to fall to Earth in one generation as a lessen for eternity- that the corruption of the higher levels of power inevitably leads to the corrption of lower powers, since angels lack free will and were envious of man's abilty to get away with sin. This led to the worship of foreign idols and the belief in the ancient world that gods could procreate with human woman. Every ancient culture tells of a pre-flood world that was united by land and became extremely advanced before its ultimate demise. Traces remained after the flood and influenced the early Egyptian culture as well as Plato and the Greeks. Jews openly discuss the passage in Devorah when the judge, prophetess, and leader of the Israelites herself, thanks the inhabitants of another planet for aiding the Hebrews in battle against their enemies. It is then possible to imagine that these beings are not foreign from Earth, but exiled from it, in which case they may have been influencing us throughout history or at least benefitting from our lives on Earth- that is, their survival depends on our survival.

It is my conclusion that they've been breeding with us for millenia and may, thereore, even be indistinguishable from us. Now that the Raeliens are claiming that aliens taught them cloning and that a mother-ship will eventually land in Jerusalem, I wonder if their is not some connection. I admit that I doubt their claims, but then why should anyone believe me, either? All I know is what happened to me and what I've gleamed from history, but I'm not trying to affect anyone or anything for my benefit, I just want to know more about how it affects me and mankind as a whole. The universe is mysterious and history has been told from every perspective, but we all look to the sky when we pray and want answers. Why?

Color/Shape: Metallic grey, flat rectangle, about the size of a football field

Height & Speed: The speed was a steady ten miles an hour or so.


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