Halloween Night 1983-84

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Date: Halloween Night, 1983-4

Approach Direction: Directly overhead and to the right of our vehicle.

Departure Direction: I do not remember...it leaving.

Witness Direction: We were ALL in the car, a total of 5 plp. We were all looking up at it.

Description: It was Halloween and my sisters, 'K1' and 'K2', my neice, 'D', and my mother were all in my mom's car driving back from a T-or-T-ing 'tour'. We were in the area of Oklahoma city, My mom stopped at a stop sign. My older sister, 'K2'(21), pointed up into the sky and asked my mother what is that over there!

I was on the same side of the car, backseat, as 'K2', and I also looked up. It was a huge underside of a metal, silver-color, ship. It was curved in shape, from our perspective, and there were a few lights underneath the ship-at the belly.

I looked away and said to my sister, 'K1', and my niece, 'D', hey, look over here!

This ship was dircetly over a huge building. This building was probably 8-10 stories high and it looked like a government building of some kind. I believe it was some kind of govt. building. There were no lights on in the building and the ship appeared huge over it. In perspective, the ship looked MUCH larger than the building.

I asked my younger sister, if she saw it, she said she couldn't. I remember her distinctly telling me, 'I don't see anything.' Then, she said, Yeah. I do see it.

She was sitting on the left side of the car, in the back with my neice and I.

I went to look back at it and I dont remember anything else about that night.

The next thing I remember was us driving home, we had actually arrived at home. We were pulling into the driveway and my Dad was waiting outside for us to arrive.

At the time, we lived in a small town about an hour from there. Everyone was VERY quiet in the car, my sister, 'K2', and my mother weren't speaking to each other. Just before the 'sighting' they were talking and very energized in their manners.

I was the only one awake in the back seat.

I have always had this memory and years later, I asked my sister, 'K1', if she ever remembered that sighting and she said she did. It was VERY real for her too.

There were five of us in the car. Ages ranging from 6-27. It was very vivid and real for me.

About 18 years later, I asked my mother if she remembered that night. She said she did not, but she went on to tell me that she did see a ship on another occassion, while we where living in that same house. This house was way out in the woods and we did not have any neighbors nearby, at that time. This was in Oklahoma. In the early - mid eighties. Has anyone lese reported sightings from this location and time period? I would like to know if there are any similiar stories.

I do not tell people this, it seems strange and people look at you weird. They tend to think you're crazy:):)

Thank you. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like more information.

My mom was about 27, 'K2', appx.22, 'D' 6, 'K1' 5, and I was about 7 or so.

Color/Shape: metallic, silver, round in shape. I know this sounds generic but, it was that typical shape that so many people say they see, oval, and silver. Though, it did have lights underneath it. They were bright and flashing.

Height & Speed: I did not see it appear or leave the scene. We were fairly close to it, distance calculations are not my thing. So, I'm not sure about the height. I was just a kid at the time but I can distinctly recall the details of that night.

TV/Radio/Press: I do not know. I do know that my mom and sister, 'K2', 21 appx, were acting very strange after we saw it. And, I did have that typical 'missing' time. I do not remember anything after seeing the ship until we were pulling into the house/driveway. That is a good amt. of time. About an hour or maybe more.


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