May 5th 1984

St. Louis River, Cloquet Craft Shoots Laser-Type White Light

Date: May 5, 1984
Time: 10:00 p.m. to 11:55 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Like an upside-down ice cream cone.

Full Description of event/sighting: My son and his friend saw it first, I was just coming home from having coffee at a local restaurant. My son and his friend saw it go right over our house, at an approximate altitude of 50 feet. The two boys, aged 9, were in my son's bedroom, and when they first saw it, it scared them really bad, as they thought it was a "tornado" which is what they told me it was, at first, when I found them jumping up and down on the kitchen chairs after I first got home. Their 16 year old babysitter was on the other side of our house, ( a long rambler) and did not see it at all until my friend and I saw it.

The object had landed on the river bank, which we had a good view of, and it was a red blinking light, at first. It blinked in a really random order. Where it had landed is very inaccessible to any person as it was on the very edge of a small town, and the area was very swampy and inaccessible. So five us sat at my dining room table, and we had an excellent view of it. We were looking down at it as our house was atop a hill near the river bank. The dining room had a sliding glass door, so we watched the object from our dining room table.

At first, it just sort of "sat there." But after about an hour, it rose up suddenly, and shot to the center of the St. Louis River. I say shot, because that's how fast it moved! Right before it shot to the center of the river, it changed colors, from red, to a lime green, and then a dull white. We watched it hover over the center of the river for about ten minutes, and as we watched, it shot down a laser-type white light, down onto the river.

The light was white, and it looked like a laser. We could not see the effect it had on the river, however. It was dark out, and although the light was very bright we could not see the effect on the river, if any. I had my binoculars out, but they were old and not very powerful.

So we sat and tried to figure out just what this thing could possibly be.

After about ten minutes, the object shot back to the spot where we first saw it on the riverbank. Then after the biggest share of another hour, it rose up, and shot over the far hill, stopping as it did so, to shine a brilliant white light on the neighbor's house across the river from us. It moved west, then east, then north.

Now the neighbors had gone to bed, apparently, as their lights were all off. But when this object stopped right over their house at a low altitude, well, all the lights came on in their house!

So they must have seen the object right over the top of their home.

I think my house was about 1/4 mile from the object when it landed on the river bank. And the neighbor's house was about a half mile from us. The St. Louis River is quite wide in that spot, I'd say about 100 feet. It seems kind of weird that we and those neighbors are the only ones who had a view of the object, but I'm sure that is the case. The neighbor's house had just been built that summer, it used to be wilderness. We had a very exclusive view of that spot on the river.

The light it shone upon the neighbor's house was a brilliant, white light, like a spotlight. Then all their lights came on!
After about five minutes, the object shot over the far hill and I told the kids to go to bed as they would never see anything like that object again as long as they lived. I no more than got the words out of my mouth, and back "it came! It shined the brilliant light right onto my house and then shot away to the north and out of view.

It seemed as though the object could hear what I was saying to the kids!

During the sighting, the kids got the idea of shining our floodlights to see if it would respond. It did. It blinked at us three times, the same amount of times the kids put the lights on and off. So I told them to not repeat that, as it kind of scared me to think that it might come closer to us.

The main thing that came through to me was the speed with which this object moved. It was unbelievable. If we had blinked our eyes we would have missed the motion. So it was super fast, and super "unknown".

I did not call the police until after the sighting as I thought the object would up and leave, and leave me with egg on my face. Now, of course, I wish I had called them during the sighting.

The following day I did call the police, and they said they had no other reports of anything in the area. The neighbors had not called either and I never went over to talk to them. I wish I had now.

But I knew the neighbor was the clerk of our local court. So it was too embarrassing for me to call him, in case they did not all see the object, like we did.

I am sorry this was so wordy, but it was a very complicated sighting, to be sure.

In any event, I am now a believer in UFOS. What we witnessed that night, with blinking lights, was out of this world for sure.

Also, during the sighting, the red light seemed to "pulsate." Larger, then smaller, then larger, etc.

I am sorry I have waited so very long to report it, but it was not until I got onto the internet, that things were accessible to me.

Thank you.

Additional Information:

The weather: about 70 degrees F.

Sky conditions: CLEAR

Moon: No visible moon in that part of the sky that night.

Wind: No discernible wind.

My nine year old son saw it up close and he said it looked like old pitted metal. The color of it was like old metal, kind of dark grey or metal that has seen better days. It was light enough outside for them to see it; it was just about dusk.

The boys at first dove under my son's bed as they were so startled. I had them draw separate pictures of it, in different rooms. They both drew a very good likeness of a spinning metal object, with lights on the center, and top and bottom of it.
They both said it made a kind of "whooshing" sound.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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