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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1985(?) : Iowa

Iowa A Blazing Sphere Of Energy Three Feet Away From Witness

Date: 1985 ?
Time: Night - (after midnight)

Location of Sighting: In my bedroom
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Blazing sphere of energy.

Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, Hello! The description of this event is in response to the person from Los Angeles who reported a blazing sphere of energy outside their home back in 1971. I wanted to say that I had something happen to me when I was also 14 years old that was eerily similar to what this person described. I had always thought that what happened was a dream - or possibly a waking nightmare. I suppose I still do, but when I read this person's account, I broke out in Goosebumps because what was described was almost exactly what I dreamed of ten years later.

Before I begin, I should note that I very seldom remember my dreams, maybe a for an hour or two at best, but never for more than a day - and certainly not for weeks, months or years. However, this particular dream I had I have never forgotten and still remember like it happened yesterday.

This happened in Iowa and was around 1985 or so. I remember because it was before I moved my bedroom to the basement, so I was approximately 14 years old. We lived in one of the older houses in town and my bedroom was directly across the hall from my parents bedroom on the second floor. I'm guessing at the time, but I know it was quite late, after midnight I'm sure - because my parents, who usually went to bed around 11:00 p.m. were sound asleep. In my dream, I am laying in bed asleep when I am awakened by an intense blue-white glow that is just as the other person described: like an arc-welder. My bed was pretty standard size, so laying down my head was probably three feet or so above the floor. This glowing thing hovered at eye level, perfectly still, and my first thought was: "Oh, I left the TV on," since it looked like a small, 12-inch black and white TV tuned into 'snow' (that is, not tuned to any channel). This thought was immediately followed by: "Wait, I don't have a television in my room!" Which was true, my family only had one TV in the whole house, and that is still true today.

This weird glowing sphere was about three feet away from me as I lay in my bed. I felt compelled to look at it, and, in fact, felt like I was frozen as stiff as a board. After reading up on this years later, I would later determine that this could be a waking nightmare, or night terror, where you feel like you're unable to move. Anyway, this thing hissed loudly, just as the other person described, accept as I watched this thing. I noticed that it began to pulsate, with the hissing sound growing louder (it kind of sounded like a 'lightsaber' from Star Wars when it did this) each time it brightened. The glare from this thing kept getting brighter and brighter, and the sound louder, until it finally seemed to explode with a loud bang and filling my whole bedroom with a bright blue light.

I immediately jumped out of bed and raced across the hall to my parents bedroom, throwing open the door and shaking my mom awake. I was in tears, nearly hysterical, as I screamed 'get out! get out! The house is on fire!' Curiously, my mom did nothing except roll over and tell me to go back asleep, that I was only dreaming (this is a mother of six who would wake at the slightest sound) and who's house (the same one this happened in) nearly burned down several years before. It never occurred to me how odd this reaction was until I typed this. I did go back to bed, but I recall being covered in sweat and my heart racing. I stayed up until dawn, too afraid to go back to sleep, and I remember having trouble sleeping for several nights after this dream as well.

Looking back, I'm still not convinced this was anything other than an intensely vivid dream, or night terror, or whatever. It could have even been 'ball lightning' I suppose. However, the similarities to what the other person described seemed like they had read my mind. I have previously reported a sighting this past summer (2006) that also happened in Iowa, but I do not feel that these two events are related in any way. Thank you.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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