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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 4th/5th 1985/1986 : San Mateo, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: San Mateo, California U.S.A
We were on hillsdale boulvard on front lawn of house.

Date: 8:00 p.m july 4th or 5th 1985 or 86' It was the hottest day on record in I think like 20 years or something

Approach Direction: traveled north stopped went sharp up stopped then went sharp down then stopped creating what looked like to be a triangle from point to point then hit took off up and away to the east fast as lightning.

Departure Direction: east and up high and out of sight

Witness Direction: south

Description: me and my friend were lying on the lawn on a hot summer night looking at the stars and the way the universe rounds around us and then thats when we saw it come fast from the south heading in our direction .It was high up in the sky. Then it suddenly stopped hovered completly still then did its up down thing and then took off.

Color/Shape: it was shaped like a triangle and was lit up. it was far away so that is all the detail I could see . I couldnt see if it had windows or a hatch or anything like that.

Height & Speed: couldnt tell you whether it was 2 10 miles high.