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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1985/1988 : Mission Viejo, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: mission viejo, ca, usa

Date: approx 1985-1988. I was raised and schooled here around this time. I hope any sightings would collaborate within this time that are very similar. We had military helocopters such as hughes 500 series, chinooks, sea knights, stallions, hueys, apaches, cobras, c-130 hercules and ac 130 ghosts, F-4, A-6, F-5/T-38, F-14, F-15, AF-18......I know my aircaft, to now day F-117 and B-2 bomber. I hold a private pilot certificate from the FAA.

Approach Direction: from the south

Departure Direction: to the north

Witness Direction: first from the south, then above, then north.

Description: I saw a triangular object approach over some trees and houses. It was compelety silent. It flew DIRECTLY above me and I was scared beyond anything I had ever experienced. It appeared to be around 100-200' AGL. I tell you this thing scared the hell out of us. Does anybody have any similar sightings from that time time and area?

Color/Shape: It was an equilateral triangle with seven "can" lights on the bottom. Each light was of such a large diameter that I've never seen anything like it. There was one light in the front, with three lights down the leading edge of each wing, making a total of seven. No navigation lights or strobes.

Height & Speed: It is difficult to say, sinc I've never seen an object like this, but I I would estimate the craft to be 150' AGL from the time I first saw it to the last. The speed was very slow, 30-40 MPH. It made absolutey no noise.

TV/Radio/Press: I watched for any press news about this incident and never heard a thing.