Towards St. Albans Hill, Vermont 1985

Fairfield, Vermont 1989

Towards St. Albans Hill, Vermont 1996/1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: St.Albans and Fairfield Vt.

Date: 1985-1998

Approach Direction: 3 sightings from 1985-1998 each from east to west one from south to north

Departure Direction: same

Witness Direction: south and east to west

Description: The first sighting was from the south to north. We saw 4 lights in a row, one green, one red one yellow one blue. #1, and #3 went up while #2 and #4 went down. That's the way they moved through th sky. It went over the house headed for St.Albans hill.

The second sighting we had was in fairfield, at our old house. In 1989, I was sitting in my living room at around 8:p.m. watching t.v. with a window over the t.v.. I saw a very bright light in the window above the t.v. I thought it might be an airplane. I have seen bright lights on airplanes before. I watched the light going high and low for 10 minutes before I realized something was different. It wasn't a plane, it was so bright! We shut off the t.v and lights to look out the window. We saw A huge spaceship. My knees were knocking and I was so afraid. I saw an aircraft that wase around 5 stories tall like a city building. We could see a row of windows near the top with beings in the windows,they were moving around and not human/ Their heads were big and they seemed to converse with one another. The ship seemed to be barely moving in air so we got a good look. I was so afraid my knees were knocking I swear. My partner and I went outside to get a better look even though I was scared beyond belief. The craft was not making any sound. We could see beings inside. Through one of the lower windows we could see what looked like a set of stairs going up. The windows were 5 or 6 stories high and the craft looked triangular to me. It looked square to him. A huge craft.

The last sighting we had was around 1996 or so I would have to look in my daily journals for all of them. We had moved to St.Albans, not far from where we lived in Fairfield. The lot is in the middle of the woods about 1500' from the main road. We lived in the cellar we had poured until we built the log cabin in 2000. It was november at hunting time in the fall. I stepped out of the basement through walk out door in the evening around 7:p.m. to get some air, as the woodstove was hot. I called to my partner to come out and see the lights on the ground on the western part of our property. My property is all wooded I own around 40 acres. The red lights I saw were spaced farther apart than a regular tail light, and noone could have been out there as there is no road and it is completely wooded to boot. I said come out here and see this, what is this? There were two red lights about the size of round tail lights. I said "what's that honey?" He came out of the walk-out basement and we watched the two fixed red lights come together. They spun in a circle and reconnected together and made a third light and so on until they made a dozen lights that circled counter-clockwise until they spiraled up into the air and went up high and out of sight. I can't believe I finally got this off my chest. Just got may new computer a month ago couldn't wait to tell somebody/ I am afraid to tell all this but needed to tell someone.

TV/Radio/Press: no we have'nt told anyone but our close friend. We do know other very reputable people who have had similiar expierences including old farmers but noone dares to talk about it. We needed to tell someone.


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