Lagrange, Kentucky

Summer 1985

Name: Todd M.

Location: Lagrange, KY. USA

Date: This was long ago. i don't know what the date was, but it was probably somewhere between 11p.m.- 1a.m.est in the summer of 1985

Approach Direction: Northeast

Departure Direction: Southwest

Witness Direction: Northeast

Description: I was sitting out on the deck at a friends house, karen, with my now ex-wife, amy, and we noticed a disk shaped object moving in our direction. the house sits right on the road and there is a clearing across the road and trees several hundred feet back. we first noticed it when it was over the trees. it was dark but the sky was aluminated enough to see the disk shaped outline of the approaching object. it was very large and was approximately 30-60 ft. above the trees. it was moving very slow and had lights that formed a circle underneath and center of it. we all looked at each other and wondered what it was. i new what it looked like! we walked to the road and stood looking up as it traveled across the clearing and then passing right over us. it made no sound what so ever. then we watched it pass over the house and disappear over the forest behind the house. i wanted to call the police or someone to see if there was any knowlege of what this could be. i then thought it was some kind of weather balloon, or some kind of military craft. we returned to the deck perplexed, and i never reported it to anyone.

Color/Shape: I couldn't tell the color, i know it wasn't black, in the dark it looked grey. it had lights that appeared individual that formed a perfect circle underneath the craft Height & Speed: About 100-160 ft. up and it seemed to travel approx 10 miles and hour. it was really slow we got to stand there and watch it move over us for a good 5 min. TV/Radio/Press: I never reported it and i never heard anything on the news. i was alway curous if anyone had seen a ufo and it had lights underneath like the ones i observed.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/85summer.shtml