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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June 1986 : Bath, Maine

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bath, Maine

Date: 06/?/86 ET

Approach Direction: Straight down from the sky

Departure Direction: Straight up to the sky

Witness Direction: West

Description: I worked 2nd shift at Bath Iron Works back in '86 and my shift ended at 12 midnight and was leaving with a co-worker and we had just exited the front gate and entered the parking lot when we BOTH saw something dark slowly descending directly from above. It was dark and vast and as it came down, it covered the lightposts, the houses, everything with darkness. Yet we couldn't SEE the object, but it was there and covering everything. Hard to explain. It was like a dark giant opaque shadow. It was about 100 feet away from us. It was like a dark windowshade being drawn over the city. (a cloaking sort of thing???) It was right there, but you couldn't see it. But it covered and obliterated everything with darkness as it slowly came down. Below this dark object, I could see the street lights bend and flicker (the way light appears to do when there is a heat source before it) Then the lights hidden and everything was in darkness. Whatever this thing was, it was vast and huge, because I could not see where it ended to the right and left because it was so huge. It was silent. It made no sound.

My co-worker and I stopped and stood for a few seconds in disbelief at what we were seeing. I started rubbing my eyes, thinking my contacts lenses had gone bad or something. My co-worker said to me, "It's not your eyes, I see it too!" "Oh my God.." I said to her.

And then in the blink of an eye, this dark "cloaked" thing went back up into the night sky without a sound. And there was not a sound in the city. Not a dog barking, not a car on the street.

We ran to our cars in the parking lot as we were scared out of our minds.

The next day at work, co-worker came to me and said, "What we saw last night. Don't tell anyone." And I didn't. And I pretty didn't allow myself to think about it until several years later.

Now that is NOT like me not to tell everyone what I saw.

If I live 100 years, I will never know that that huge thing was. It is so hard to explain, as there is nothing to compare it with, nothing in this world that is even similar.

I am not crazy, not nuts, not into fabricating these outrageous stories. I didn't believe in UFO's... and still am a sceptic. But what was it?? I'll never know.

Color/Shape: Dark. Just dark like a huge opaque shadow.

Height & Speed: Unknown height. Because it was close to me and I could not see how high it was. It went up into the darkness of the night where I could not see.

It approaced slowly at about 25 mph. It departed faster than anything I know of. It departed at the speed of sound, or maybe light?

TV/Radio/Press: No, it was not. And I never reported it.

Additional comments from witness: Have you ever heard of anything similar? I know I haven't. It wasn't the usual thing that people report, there were no flashing lights, orange orbs, etc. I have been mystified ever since, but it sounded so bizarre that I have only told a few about it.

I forgot to mention, John. Bath Iron Works is a shipyard that builds ships for the US Navy.