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Sighting Report

Safford, AZ, USA
October 1986

Name: Tony Lopez

E-mail: tonylopez43@yahoo.com

Safford AZ. This was in the desert area.

10/86 1:30pm local time

Objects approched from west traveling due east. objects stoped in midair then shot out in a northerly direction.

Departure Direction:
The objects departed in the same direction in which they came from.

Witness Direction:
There were several witnesses, most were busy doing there business.

I was alerted to the UFO's by a person who was standing watching a guoup of us lay pipe in the ground. He yelled out "Hey what's that", I turned and to my total surprise I seen two lens shaped objects coming toward us, when they suddenly came to a sudden stop. (The UFOs were flying side by side toward us rather than one trailing the other.) Oh by the way , there is a military base or something of a air base near by because you always see planes traing, you know like f14s. This was in the middle of the afternoon and it was clear as a bell. The crafts gave off a luminisence of their own. They were a white colour with no sound at all which is really strange because they were huge ships. I would estimate them to be at least 200 ft in diameter. I base this on the fact that at the time of the sightings there were jet fighters on training manouvers, (two of them) and these UFOs flew past them like they were standing still! And this is when I got the chance to judge their size, because as they flew past the jets, the jets were dwarfed in comparison. There is no way the pilots did'nt see them. The UFOs came into view from the west heading east, then stopped and shot out to the north, ( Incedently this is the direction the planes were flying), They flew past the planes quite a distance beyond them and came to a complete hault, then shot back heading south, came to another stop then shot out to the west in the original direction from which they first appeared. Basically the UFOs made a perfect "L" formation,to and fro.

As I stated, the color was a white if you want to call it a color because it was'nt like a metal with paint or stainless steel color. this was a object that was giving off a glow of it's own. The ships were lens shaped or disk, more lens!

Height & Speed:
I would estimate that they must have been traveling at least 800mph or better because one second they are a small glow coming at us and in the blink of an eye they were right in front of us standing dead still for a second or two before shooting off to the north. I estimate them to have been about 150ft to 200 ft off the ground when they came to a stop. But as they departed, they shot off to the west gaing altitude and speed till they were gone from sight.

I have not heard anything about this particular sighting, but I can assure you there are two pilots with an extra load in their pants. This was out in the desert and it is pretty isolated. It's actually right next to mount gram. I am so glad I finally told this experience in hopes of finding one or more of the people who actually saw the UFOs as there were about 10-15 of them at the time. I you were out there, please e-mail me at tonylopez43@yahoo.com


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