December 18th 1986

Original report as sent in to UFOINFO:

Name: On file

Location: san bernardino, ca. u.s.a

Date: 12/18/1986. lunch time

Approach Direction: northwest

Departure Direction: southwest

Witness Direction: southwest

Description: sitting in truch with husband having lunch. Husband sees something in the sky coming from a northwesterly direction. I was attempted to create ways to explain the sitting. However the object evenually came down to telephone pole level and I could no longer explain the object away.

The object was the color of brown plexey glass. possible oval shape. It settled right over our truck and then tilted downward to look at us for about 1 minute. Then the object went back to it's original postion and then took off over the rooftops of Colton, which was a southwesterly direction from the location of our parked truck.

Color/Shape: object was the color of dark brown plexey glass. oval in shape or shaped like a stingray

Height & Speed: possible 3000 feet up in the beginning and came down to telephone pole level. then left at telephone pole level.

TV/Radio/Press: not to my knowledge

Follow-up by Brian Vike:

Thank you for your response. I would be glad to answer questions but only to a certain degree. There comes a point when we must come to am agreement.

Just so you know, this is not the first time I have had such an encounter. As I look back, I can say they have always been there.

The time was around 12:20 or 12:30 pm. My husband had just picked me up to have lunch. We went to a hamburger stand in the area of 3d and Mt. Vernon ave in San bernardino, ca. We were facing west on 3d street about half a block from the corner of 3d and Mt. Vernon ave. We ate our lunch in the car and while we were eating, my husband had spotted something in the north western area of the sky. Which would place the location of the sighting around the top of cojon pass.

It was very high. About 3000 or 4000 feet up because my husband first saw it at the top of the mountains. It would be hard to try and discribe what it looked like but I can say it took it's time coming down. The course the object took was a moving from north to south. i would say the object traveled about 40 or 50 miles from the top of the pass to where we were. As it moved towards us I tried to tell my husband it was not a ufo. I did my best to prove to my husband the object was not a ufo but that's what it turned outy ot be.When the thing finally got close enough to the parked truck we were sitting in there was no dought. I was a ufo.

Yes it was brown plexey glass completely. Very pretty. No higher then the tops of the telephone lines. As we sat in the seat, the object was the size of a large frizzby.. Once it was just in front of the truck, we looked up and it titled and faced downward toward the truck. We looked at each other for some time.

Did anyone else see it? I do not Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Me and my husband saw it. Soon it lifted up and suddenly shot off, in a southernly direction over the roof tops of colton ca.

The weather was typical dec. weather. Cool/cold, big white snow clouds, and I will add the object came out of one of the big clouds

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]


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