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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Spring/Summer 1986/1988 : Parkville, Maryland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Parkville, Maryland USA 21234

Date: Unsure, 1986-1988 (mid-afternoon, daylight, spring or summer)

Approach Direction: south

Departure Direction: north

Witness Direction: east

Description: I was home for leave (in Navy). In back yard of parents home with my niece. She pointed to the sky and said "Uncle Mark, what is that?". I looked up and was surprized to see a large traingular craft in the sky. I heard no noise and the craft traveled quite slowly on its route. I thought I may have notice a portion on the front of the craft rotating around.

I told my niece to watch it while I went to get the rest of the family and posibly a camera. My niece was very scared for me to leave her. We stayed and watched it slowly go into the distance.

One of my sisters the next day said there was something in the paper the following day but I can not find the article. I always regret not having a camera, the day was clear and object was very visible.

Color/Shape: silver, gray large trianglular shape

Height & Speed: not to high (lower than most commercial planes) speed slow but maybe 400mph

TV/Radio/Press: I believe it was reported in paper, looking to find more information. I need to narrow down time.

Follow-up Report from Brian Vike:

Q. - Could you please tell me what the weather conditions were at the time of the sighting ?

A. - It was daytime and we could see craft clearly. I can't remember if the sky was overcast or not.

Q. - Just to try to get a feel for the size of the craft, if you stuck your hand out at arms length, using say your thumbnail, roughly what would you estimate the size of the object to be. Or if you can give a clearer idea of this by using some other means, this would be great ?

A. - If I stuck my arm out, in relation to my thumbnail I would say it was about a foot long. This would be when it was heading away from us (looking at it from behind going into the distance)

Q. - Also if possible, could you do up a rough diagram of the object and surrounding area and email it to me here at This would really help in getting a better feel to what this object appeared to look like.

A. - I will try to do a sketch. Parkville is a suburb, homes only on about .4 of an acre apart. We were in the backyard. Craft as I remember was triangular, I thought it seemed as if the nose portion of the craft was rotating.

Q. - Were you able to see any detail on the structure at all ? If so, would you be kind enough to give a detailed description of what appeared to be on the craft, or craft in general. Example,: door or some sort of hatch, windows, anything you can remember seeing on the object.

A. - I do not recall any marking or lines, just gray or silver in color with the roting front.

Q. - At the time of the sighting, did you see any aircraft in the area other than the triangular craft ? Or even following the sighting ?

A. - I do not remember seeing any other planes at the time, nor were any flying with or behind.

Q. - Did the object at anytime make any unusual maneuvers ?

A. - No. It moved somewhat slow and on a straight path.

Q. - Were there lights on the object, if so could you describe the color/colors and where they may have been located on it ?

A. - It was daytime so I did not notice any lights.

Q. - Is there a military base close to the area the sighting took place at ?

A. - Yes, Martin Air Base is close by. A National Air Guard base and Civilian Airbase. They fly C-130 Cargo Planes and A-10 Warthogs.

Q. - Would it be possible to ask your niece if she could provide a report on what she saw to me. The reason why I ask Mark is that someone always notices something different, even if it just a slight difference, or may have seen something another did not. Just that every bit of information is helpful in hopefully finding an answer, or at least finding someone else who saw the same thing. If it made the newspaper, I am sure there would be many who witnessed this sighting.

A. - I will ask my niece to give her memory of the event.

Q. - How long did the sighting last for ?

A. - It seemed like a long time but probably only 3 minutes?

Q. - If there is anything else you can add Mark, please feel free to do so as the more information the better in trying to find others who saw this very same thing.

A. - I will try to remember more on the date. I wish I would have written it down. My Mom and I also thought we saw a UFO one night when we were going out front to the car. These were just lights moving very strangely in the sky overhead of us. It was much longer ago and my mom has since passed away. I don't know if I can date it but I believe I was in middle or high school. (1979-85 time frame).

Lastly in Boy Scouts we observed late at night while looking up in the sky, a craft with three lights in a row. It was very high up and it traveled across the sky and would reappear about 20-30 minutes later. We saw it do this three or four time. We assumed it was a satellite in orbit at the time. This would have been around 77-79.

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up report.