CBS Tower, Los Angeles, California


CBS Tower Sighting, Los Angeles, Ca Triangular Craft Attached To CBS Tower

Date: 1987

Ok, I think I wrote this one to you, but it keeps coming to mind, so I'll report it officially. I think I now have a more correct date. It was after I was in Canada for the summer and had returned to my home in LA. The year was 1987. I was visiting a friend in Studio City and was returning home about midnight, coming down a very steep hill (Carpenter Ave) which ends at Ventura Blvd where there is a traffic light. The light was red, so I stopped. Most of the traffic is on Ventura. Straight across from the my position was the CBS television studios. Their network of antenna and lights was directly in front of me, less than a hundred yards. I was daydreaming as usual, but then I did a double take on the lights -- something was different, but I couldn't figure out what. I was very familiar with these lights because I lived in the neighborhood and also took my daughter to and from Carpenter Ave Middle School and passed them all the time.

As I was looking at the lights and trying to figure out what they had added, was it another antenna or what, suddenly some of the lights separated from the main framework of lights and antenna and stood for a moment beside them, just a few feet from the roof of CBS. It was a vertical triangle of lights, not sure about the colors, but at least one or two were red. I'm also not sure how many lights there were, maybe three, not much more and not less. I was so shocked at what I was seeing that I couldn't think. Then the lights tipped and I could see plainly that it was a triangular craft. In my position at the light I was maybe 75 feet away and 50 feet below the craft, for perspective.

Another thing that's odd about my stopping at the light. At that time of night, at least in those days, there was very little traffic on Ventura Blvd, and as it is legal to turn right on a red in California (unless posted), I normally would have slid to a half stop and turned right to go home. I was sitting still at the light watching all this unfold.

Almost immediately, the craft began to pick up speed, so I somehow came to my senses and decided to follow it. It was moving not much faster than say 50 mph adjacent to Ventura to my left. A little ways further, not more than a long block, I would have to turn left onto Colfax Avenue to go home. The craft which was less than a 100 feet in front of me, turned left over Colfax and flew on the right side over the houses on Colfax Avenue. It was now on my right as I sped behind it, watching out my right front window. We went about two blocks and then it suddenly speeded up and was gone, just like that.

I was shaking and totally flabbergasted at what I had seen, and what the implications were for it being attached to the CBS tower. I immediately thought of all the shows on CBS and if there were a UFO connection (don't laugh), but quickly figured that they probably weren't affecting programming. (CBS was home of the Roseanne show. Well, maybe they did, come to think of it. That's a joke.)

When you turn off Ventura onto Colfax, you go over a bridge that goes over the LA River aqueduct system at that location and the only houses are on the right side of the street. There was a fairly new townhouse complex on the left, about half way down the street.

Hopefully now this one is out of my system, and I can write about earlier sightings. Something that one of your correspondents said really helped me decide that I had to talk about these events, and that is so that people like me who have been afraid to come forward will perhaps now with increasing numbers feel brave enough to tell their stories.

Oh, size -- It was bigger than an SUV, maybe the size of a bus, black in color, very black. You wouldn't necessarily even see it unless you spotted it by accident or were looking. I would never even have noticed it if I hadn't been really familiar with that tower, and if it hadn't separated. How it was attached to the tower, I couldn't say, but when it separated, it just seemed to glide away and then stand still and then very smoothly swing off vertical into a horizontal position and then glide away. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

Thank you to the witness for the wonderful written report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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