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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1987 : Pomona Valley, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Pomona Valley, California

Date: 1987

Time: around 10 PM

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Large vertical triangle with layers of various colored lights

Weather Conditions: completely clear, cloudless and at least 60 mile visibility

Description: I lived in Orange County at the time and had come up to San Dimas to visit my parents for the afternoon one summer day. After dinner, when it was time to head home, I decided at the last minute to take a route I normally didn't take.

Driving up from Orange County, I would take I-57 North and then had a choice of either heading West on I-10 and exiting at Via Verde, or continuing up a very steep grade on I-57 and exiting at Via Verde/Bonelli Park. Heading there, I always opted to take advantage of my inertia and head up the I-57 grade as it was a shorter distance to my folk's house from there. However, on the return trip, I would always travel back via I-10 as re-tracing my path required I drive up to the top of that grade on a surface street from a complete stop and it used a huge amount of fuel to get over 15 mph on that hill. Besides, it gave me the option to take a different path home and see different scenery.

However, this summer evening I felt compelled to take the 'steep route' home, heading up Via Verde and getting on I-57 to travel South. This puts one at the top of a high hill, where you can see almost the entire Pomona Valley spread out below you. This particular evening it was completely clear with unrestricted visibility and the sparkling lights were quite beautiful to see spread out below.

I suddenly noticed over to my left (E/SE) an odd formation of lights in the sky in the valley below me. It was a vertical triangle with at least three layers of various colored lights which included red and blue--not standard aircraft lighting colors.

What struck me immediately was that it had to be extremely large, given the distance from where I was viewing it; it was hovering motionless and apparently soundless in the sky; and it didn't look like the outline of any type of aircraft or helicopter I'd ever seen in my life.

Both of my parents had their private pilot's licenses, we owned our own airplane and did a lot of flying in the US and Mexico. I myself had over 30 hours of pilot time, including a night flight from San Francisco to Brackett field and many other night flights in/around the LA basin where I had flown as co-pilot, so I was very familiar with what objects in the evening airspace looked like, and this wasn't anything I'd ever seen. Pomona Valley has a lot of air traffic, as in addition to Brackett field, it lies not far from Ontario International Airport.

I wondered if this might be a UFO, and I pulled over to the side of the road where I could watch it, and kept my engine running. There was very little traffic on the roadway, and I had a clear view of it. Due to the distance and the darkness, I was unable to distinguish any shape to the object other than the vertical triangle formed by the pattern of the exterior lights.

There is a small airfield (Brackett Field) nearby, and I considered it might be some sort of experimental private plane launched from there, but when I rolled down my window, I knew it wasn't any 'normal' aircraft because it was hovering motionless and there was no noise at all. Even from the distance I was viewing it, the 'whump-whump-whump' of helicopter rotors could easily have been distinguished, but this was soundless.

I had never formed any opinion about UFOs before this moment, but any previous reports I'd heard had always described a saucer shape, so I was still doubting what I was seeing. I experienced a sense of complete awe and, at the precise moment I formed the question in my mind 'If that's a UFO, I wonder if they know I'm watching them?' the automatic doorlocks on my car began jumping up and down at a very high rate of speed--faster than if I had flipped the switch back and forth--there was no way I could have made them switch on and off as fast as they were going!

The door locks jumped on/off about a half-dozen times and then, suddenly, this object accelerated from zero to an incredible rate of speed--very smoothly and with no turbulence or noise whatsoever, and streaked across the south end of the valley headed West towards Los Angeles.

Because the hillside to my right partially obscured my view to the west, I was unable to determine its exact trajectory, and by the time I got back on the road and looked for it, it was long gone.

I drove home, expecting to see a big news report about it--there was no way I was the only person to have seen such a large and unusual object--but nothing was ever reported. I always wanted to call Brackett Field and see if they'd seen anything on their radar that night, but never did because I'm sure they'd have asked why I wanted to know!

Because of the acoustics of that area, the sound of aircraft flying through the valley is easily distinguished, even from a distance. Also, loud noises-such as would be heard from a jet hitting its after-burners would easily be heard as from my parents house (which is set low and protected behind this large hill), you could clearly hear the sound of the jet-fueled roadsters at the Speedway, which is located to the East and buffered by the hill. After-burners also produce a distinctly visible light/heat signature, and there was no such thing with this object--it simply streaked off at a high enough rate of speed to clear the entire valley in mere seconds.

The entire sighting only took a few minutes, but it changed my life forever.

TV/Radio: No reports whatsoever, which flabbergasted me, but it dovetails exactly with your CBS Tower sighting and your 1985/1988 : Mission Viejo, California sightings listed on this site.

If you wish to forward on a copy of this incident to both of those people, you have my permission. I'm sure that after all these years, they'd be as delighted as I was to learn they hadn't imagined the whole thing! (Pomona Valley is North of Mission Viejo and when I last saw the object, it was headed towards L.A. so I'm sure these 3 sightings are related.)


Audio interview with the witness by Brian Vike.

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up interview.