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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Fall 1988 : Lawrence, Kansas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Date: Fall 1988

Approach Direction: Southeast

Departure Direction: Northwest

Witness Direction: North

Description: We were driving in a car in Lawrence, Kansas in the Fall of 1988. I don't remember what month it was but it was starting to be cool. I am reporting this sighting now after I recognized the craft we saw as the same or similiar to a Larry King Live that aired 7-12-07. We saw a triangular shaped craft in the sky with lights around the "V". I remember an announcer on the radio reporting that it was part of a satellite. This craft looked very similiar to the craft seen in Phoenix, AZ in 1997.

Color/Shape: Triangular shape with lights around the perimeter

Height & Speed: Speed was slow and steady, perhaps 20mph.

TV/Radio/Press: As mentioned above, the radio announcer first stated that they were getting reports of the object but did not know what it was. Later, they came on to indicate that it was part of a satellite.