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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1989? : Massena, New York's St. Lawrence County, New York

Massena, New York's St. Lawrence County, NY A Triangular Shaped Object

Report Received: February 07, 2007

Date: Witness referring to report link below. (Approx: 1989 - maybe a year or two off)
Time: Approx: 2:00 a.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: I would like to make a request that if anyone should have a copy of the Watertown Daily Times newspaper article on a sighting of something that sounds like this craft in this report, would you please be kind enough to email me a scanned copy of the article, I would like to read the news article and send the article to this witness who sent in this report.

I was recently speaking with a coworker about an object a friend and I had seen when we were in 7th or 8th grade, when I decided to look for other UFO stories in the area where used to live. I was specifically looking for a news blurb that ran in the Watertown Daily Times from the same summer as my experience, but no luck. I did find a good story on your site: ( *Eden, 30 Miles South Of Buffalo New York Triangular Shaped UFO*) - Also available here on the UFOINFO site.

While the timing is off by a year or two the craft shape is very similar to what we experienced. I guess maybe I should share my story with you, as increased knowledge will help us discover what exactly the anomalous objects are, and why we tend to be so fascinated with them.

So here's my story:

In the Summer leading up to 7th or 8th grade I was asked to watch some tents for my church's Vacation Bible School. These tents were set up for a week or so in one location, and each night several persons were charged with watching over them, just in case. This night it was my friend's father, my friend, and myself. While his father slept we stayed up until about 2:00 in the morning playing ping pong in the Rec hall. I think we may have dented the last ball which is why we decided to head outside.

We left building to hear a low hum, and as we looked back over our shoulders towards the church we saw a triangular shaped object with several colored lights drifting about 100 feet above us. The path seemed wrong, as this would have meant the craft traveled through the church's structure, and would continue into the side of a 10 story "retirement" complex, if its path was extrapolated backwards and forwards in a straight line. It appeared to be moving in a west to east track, with a slight southward drift. It did avoid the high-rise but it didn't make any sort of turn on an y-x axis or roll a turn like a conventional aircraft.

As we looked upwards at the object it had a yellowish tint to it with several lights including red ones along the bottom. As it passed directly over us, it also emitted an odd red "smoke" that didn't dissipate as say, a campfire's smoke would. It kind of spread out and phased away, like a cheesy special effect. My friend and I must have watched it for about 5-10 minutes as it slowly slipped by, without doing anything really except for the odd puff of smoke out the back.

The next day I told my mom, and both of our respective parents made some comments about staying up all night and drinking Mountain Dew. Nothing much was said about that for a while, but a few weeks later, my mom did inform me of a small blurb that appeared in the Watertown Daily Times. In the article a woman reported seeing basically the same object (she thought the craft had yellow lights, not a yellow coloration) near the southern end of the state (I want to say around Long Island.) I haven't seen the article since I read it at the library, and I'm guessing it was an AP wire space filler for a small local paper.

Here's something about geography of the region where we were- Massena is one of the bigger towns (at 10k people roughly) in New York's St. Lawrence county, the largest county size wise. The areas outside of the towns are fairly barren, woods, dairy farms, low density housing, etc. To the south are the Adirondack mountains, SW of Massena is Fort Drum, and to the east was Plattsburgh Air Force base, to the north is the St. Lawrence river and then Canada. The town sits about equal driving times from both Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Thanks for reading this, I'll try to provide more details if I can, but I don't want to speculate much more. I really should have written this incident down when it was fresh in my mind.

Thank you to the witness for this amazing report of the triangular shaped craft. There are some very interesting things that area mentioned in this report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]