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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1989? : Offutt Air Force Base, Bellevue, Nebraska

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Offutt Air Force Base, Bellevue, NE

Date: Late 80's, I know it around 1989, no later then 1990.
  Time: Mid day around 1200 GMT.

Approach Direction: From above, 180 degrees staight up looking to the East.

Departure Direction: Traveled to the South end of the runway and then departed about 145 degrees straight up to the East.

Witness Direction: East.

Description: Myself and about 3 other Airmen in the process of recovering or launching a RC-135. We were standing at the nose of the aircraft talking. In a flash of a second a long sigar shaped object appeared above us. This object was at a slight angle with the tail end turning a little to the North. The next second this object moved rapedly to the South and hovered over the end of the runway. I believe this object was about 1000 ft off the deck. The next movement was when it departed straight up and a little to the East. It traveled very fast, I would say in a blink or two of the eye it was gone. It was a clear day and everyone standing there witnessed it. We never mentioned it outside or to any media. I figured someone must of saw it off base and would report it. If there was a report made I have never seen or heard of it. I told my wife at that time of this and my family. For years all of the guys that witnessed it talked of it as a freaky thing and was proud of the fact that we witnessed a UFO.

Color/Shape: Silver, long sigar shape. It was a sunny day and this object was very bright. No lights that I can remember.

Height & Speed: 1000 feet off the deck. As much as I have flown in the Air Force and witnessed air craft flying. I have never seen anything travel this speed. The departure was straight up and slightly heading to the East.

TV/Radio/Press: Nothing was mentioned, we were all shocked that it was not on TV or in the paper. After nobody came forward we thought it would be too unbelievable and too late to say anything. So, I have been thinking ever since that someone needs to know about this story. Of course we have NO photos, go figure....