Temecula, California

April 27th(?) 1989

Temecula, California A Silver Object With Alternating Red, Green & Blue Lights

Date: 1989 ? T
ime: N/A

Message: I am not sure who to report this to, but for some reason, I am compelled to provide this info to someone who has an interest and you may do with it what you choose. Thanks!

We are going back to 1989, exactly one week prior to March 3, 1989...April 27? I was 7 months pregnant and living in Temecula, California. At that time I had 3 other young children. I was in the kitchen and it was dusk as I was preparing dinner. I had a sudden but very distinct urge to go out to the front of the house where the driveway was and suggested to the children that we drop everything, go out and wait for dad to come home as he was expected soon. However, this was not a common practice. In fact, I don't believe we had ever done it before. As we went out, I looked up and in the night sky and saw what initially I thought was an airplane, but after a brief look noticed that it was not moving through the sky, but hovering in place. It was silver with alternating red, green and blue lights-maybe yellow.?

This was a long time ago! Then very suddenly it would jerk away and not travel, but sort of zig zag in the sky back and forth so quickly that my eye could not trace it. Then it would stop in a spot and hover again. This occurred probably 3 or 4 times within a time span of 15 minutes. The children though quite small had a sense of fear (normally unlike them) and asked to go into the house again. I told them to go on while I waited outside for another 5 minutes perhaps. I had a sense that the object wanted to converse with me mentally (I am embarrassed to report that as it sounds so "typical" and pretty crazy, but it was my "sense" at the time). At that point I sensed some fear as this was such a unique experience. I wanted to stay and pursue whatever was happening, but I then "sensed" a sentence in my mind (presumably God, because I am a Christian), saying, "If you value the life of your child, go into the house now". It was very calm but very stern. I went inside the house. The following morning I woke from sleep and my water had broken and I was taken to the hospital as it was apparent that my child would be born prematurely, though I had no problems with the pregnancy at all, nor any problems with the other three. A friend came to the hospital and prayed that my child would be safe and stay inside me for another week. Exactly one week later, he was born and is now 17 years old, was always healthy and very smart.

Coincidence, maybe? I don't know for certain. But I always meant to check to see if there were any sightings that night and just never did. Anyway, for what it's worth, that's my story.

Thank you to the person for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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