Lucerne, Maine

December 1989

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Lucerne, Maine U.S.A.

Date: December 1989 I can't remember the time.

Approach Direction: It didn't approach me, but was already in sight, over the other lane, and I noticed it as I started going down the hill toward it

Departure Direction: It was just past my lane when I couldn't see it by looking back any more.

Witness Direction: I was driving, and facing it.

Description: It was nightime, around 7:00 PM if I remember correctly, and I was returning from Boston, where I had been staying with a friend to get my passport so I could take a trip to Mexico and visit my boyfriend. I found out while there, that my friend was involved with some pretty bad supernatural stuff that scared the pants off me, and I was glad to be leaving and going back home to my daugher, who was two at the time.

Anyway, I saw a football-field-sized object, something which didn't look like it could stay in the air, moving ever so slowly from left to right, in the direction of a body of water to my right. I think it's salt water. The first thing I noticed about it was there was a blinking red light on it, so I thought it was just an airplane, but it was only about 750 feet in the air, and I could see a lot of detail. It looked very brown in color, and like it was made by drooping a lot of boards on top of eachother, like pick up sticks. It was the weirdest thing. I drove to my parents to pick up my daughter where I told them about it. (Around this time, my father saw a triangular-shaped UFO, that he said looked like someone hung down a coathook with 5 lights on it, then pulled it up.)

Color/Shape: brown, looked like boards, with a single red light

Height & Speed: going maybe 3 miles an hour, from left to right, from a forest area heading toward water

TV/Radio/Press: My father said he read about a man in Blue HIll, Maine, that saw it too, and who said he followed it from Blue Hill, all the way to Bangor, Maine, and discovered that he had about two hours of missing time as a result. When I saw it, there was just one other car on the road, coming down the hill as I was going up it. It's a very big hill for Maine. Actually, there are two. This was the one with the Lucern Inn to my right.


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