Eden, 30 Miles South Of Buffalo, New York

Fall 1989

Eden, 30 Miles South Of Buffalo New York Triangular Shaped UFO

Date: Fall of 1989
Time: Early evening.

Message: Hi Brian, I have been visiting your website for a few years now and want to tell you what a wonderful job you do. I finally decided to report a sighting we had, I believe it was in the fall of 1989. We live in Eden, a rural area 30 miles south of Buffalo NY. It was early evening and dark outside. We had company that evening.

My son and my nephew were playing in his bedroom. They knew their friend from next door was coming over so they decided to scare him as he walked past the hedgerow on our property. There is an open field with a row of tall pines behind my neighbors house, across the street from us. Beyond the row of pines is a clearing. My son and nephew knew the boy was coming up the street because they could see his flashlight shining in the night.

When he got to the end of the bushes something caught all of their attention. Lights were hovering above the clearing behind the tall pines. I would say this clearing is approximately 500 feet from the street. They all stopped and watch these colored lights, silently hovering. Then they said an intense white light came on and lit up the entire clearing. My son said it was so intense that he could see the silhouette of the pines. Boys ,being boys, thought it would be fun to signal to the object with the flashlight. They would blink the light on and off and to their amazement the object flashed back the same sequence. Things got quite frightening for them when the object swung the intense white light in their direction. This sent them scrambling into the house shouting for us to come out and see the UFO.

I was the only one to go out to see what they were talking about. As I walked outside I was reassuring them they were probably looking at a helicopter. I walked past the edge of the house and I had a 10 second glimpse of the object before it disappeared behind the trees. There was no noise. I kept telling them it was probably a helicopter but I know it wasn't. At the distance it was, it should have rattled the windows in the house. And even if it was a helicopter, why would it be looking at an empty clearing?

The next day, the neighbor boy went to religion class and told his teacher what they had seen, and she looked surprised and said she had seen the object from another part of town.

I recently asked my son about it and asked him to describe the object to me. He said it was a triangular shape. Well, keep up the good work with the site. Thank you.

Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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