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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 25th 1990 : Holmdel Township, New Jersey

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Holmdel Road, Holmdel Township, New Jersey

Date: August 25 1990

Time: 12:30am

Number of witnesses: None

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Triangular

Weather Conditions: Night. Very clear. No clouds. Starry night. Bright full moon.

I was driving on Holmdel Road headed south (towards Coltsneck). I was the only car on the road. This road is long, flat and straight. There was open field on both sides of the road. The speed limit was 50 mph. I looked in my rear view mirror, and I saw ''something'' passing over the field, about as high up as a tree. It was on the passenger side of the road, and it was about to approach the road itself. It was about 1/4 of a mile behind me. Although it was black, I could see it because of the full moon brightness of the evening, plus there were flashing lights.

At the moment I saw it I instinctively slowed down, and so I stepped on my brakes. My brake lights must have caught it's attention because it immediately came after me, very fast. It closed that 1/4 mile distance in a couple of seconds (at most). It was now directly behind my car, about one ''car length'' behind me. It was slightly smaller than the two lane road I was on. It was at this time I could clearly see it was a jet black triangle. I could see it somewhat clearly due to the full moon brightness of the evening. I was traveling at about 50 mph. The UFO then came along the driver's side of my car and was ''glued'' to that position. I slammed on my brakes (without locking them up), and to my amazement the UFO did not pass ahead of me. It remained in the same exact spot in relation to my car. This is why I state it was ''glued'' to that position.

I slammed on the accelerator, and again the UFO did not ''fall behind'' me. It stayed glued to that same position. I reached a point in the road where there were some trees on both sides of the road, and I suppose I felt ''safer'' there, and I pulled over. It was not just the trees that caused me to stop. If this ''thing'' wanted me, it had me. There was no escape. Also, I was not afraid. I do not know why I was not afraid, but I was not. By the time I pulled over I was (if anything) ''fascinated.''

The UFO stopped along that same ''glued spot'' at the driver's side of my car, but due to the trees, which were about telephone pole height (Note: There were no telephone poles), it had to stop higher up than it was during the chase. However, since it could fit inside the dimensions of the two lane road, it was lower than the very top of the tress. If it really wanted to, it could have ''squeezed'' all the way down, but it just hovered there slightly lower than the top of the trees. I'd say it stopped at about the height of the rooftop of an average single family home.

I noticed there was no sound whatsoever, and I shut my engine off to make sure of that. I did leave my headlights on though. With my engine and radio off, I was then certain that there was absolute silence. I looked up at it and I could again see that it was jet black, and definitely triangular. It had 3 flashing lights, which were not quite located at the ''points'' of the triangle. I opened the door and got out of the car. I stood there looking up at it. The lights attracted my attention because they were very ''not airplane like.'' They were not ''strobes.'' In fact, they looked very ''incandescent.'' A ''filament'' has a distinct look as it begins to glow, and has that same ''look'' again when the power source is removed. It glows ''low'' very briefly as power is applied, and again glows ''low'' as power is removed. That is how these lights appeared. They were not terribly bright, but they were indeed white light. They were inside a clear glass U shaped globe. The ''filament'' was at about the center of the globe. The globe was about the size of my hand, if I were to hold my hand in the shape of a ''cup.'' Each light would go on, then off, then the next light would go on, then off, then the next, etc, etc. I was standing there looking at this UFO for probably a total of 1 to 2 minutes. No other cars ever came. The majority of the time I was looking at those lights because they were very ''not what I would have expected.'' They were something I would have expected to see in Thomas Edison's workshop; (a long time ago).

I remember looking at the details of the bottom of the craft (I was directly under one of the edges of the triangle), because I wanted to make a point of remembering what it looked like. I remember thinking ''I will never remember this much detail.'' The entire bottom was a ''patchwork'' of square and rectangular ''sections.'' There was absolutely no ''symmetry'' to it at all. It looked like so many of the ''graphic novel'' and ''sci-fi movie'' depictions of futuristic spacecraft that I had seen over the years. I also remember taking specific note of the fact that there was no light, nor opening of any kind in the very middle of the craft. The only thing there was to ''observe'' were those 3 lights. I never did anything more than simply stand there looking up. My arms were at my sides the entire time, with my head looking up. I only moved my head to look at the 3 sides, and those 3 lights. There was never any sound of any kind, and after a minute or so it very slowly began to move away. It climbed above the treetop and slowly went off into the field on the left side (driver's side) of my car. It continued on it's way in the direction it would have gone had it never bothered with me.

I remember feeling somewhat disappointed that it left; that it was ''over.'' I got back in my car and did a U Turn to head back the way that I had come from. I saw the UFO far out in the field, getting smaller and smaller with distance and black of night. I drove home. My family was asleep. I wrote down everything that happened, but I no longer have my notes. I committed everything I've just stated to memory, being very careful to never embellish it in any way. I was very disappointed to find that nobody believes me, ever. They don't call me a liar, but they think I ''remember it differently than it was.'' In other words, ''unintentional embellishment.'' This is very disappointing considering how much effort I have made to remember EXACTLY what I saw without ever trying to remember ''more'' (such as the exact details of the ''patchwork'' pattern I saw).

Since nobody believed me, I did not report it to officials. However, there is one more very important detail: Although I remember the exact time (because I looked), I do not remember the exact date. I entered August 25, 1990 in your form, but I only remember that it was Summer, it was very warm, and it was ''circa'' 1990. It could just have easily been 1989 or 1991. I apologize for this lost detail, but I must be honest in my reporting.