New London, New Hampshire

Nov-Oct 1990-1993?

New London, New Hampshire 6 Orbs In Tight Inverted L Formation

Date: Nov-Oct 1990-1993?
Time: Around 7:30 p.m.

Objects: White round like incandescent light bulb color number: Six per formation of inverted L shape.
Duration of sighting: 3-5 minutes.
Number of witnesses: 2
Short descript: 6 orbs in tight inverted L formation reshuffled positions (maintaining original formation) then shot off.
Weather: clear.

I have a sighting actually that happened to me back in the 90s. I live in New London, New Hampshire USA. I am 34 years old an I work at a high tech GIS company. I had kept quiet about it for a long time. I did file a report of this to NUFORC last year and they never contacted me back. I also contacted MUFON here in New Hampshire and nobody ever contacted me back either. Perhaps because so much time had passed from when I had the sighting.

The exact year I do not remember. I do remember that there was mysterious crash of an unidentified object into a mountain nearby Mt. Kearsarge in Warner, NH (the Winslow State Forest) The sighting that I had happened roughly a week after this. They had Civil Air patrol search the whole mountain for any crashed plane but nothing was ever found. It was mid November I think. I live about 8 miles from that mountain. I believe the person who saw the white ball of light go into the mountain was a clergyman from a local church. I would probably need to go to the library and look at microfilms of local papers to find the articles.

The time is sketchy ('90- '92 maybe) but I will never forget what I saw. Now let me get into that. It was probably about 7:30pm or so definitely after dark. I was on the phone with my brother who at the time was going to University of Connecticut. We have a big bay window looking south and I noticed some lights at first that I thought were stars but they were moving through the trees and they were in a funny tight formation.

There where two formations, at what I best can describe as inverted italicized letter Ls., with the short part of the L pointing to the left side. The objects were roughly the size of dimes just for distance perceptions sake (not sure how far away they were but the angle was as such you were looking straight ahead). There were 6 per grouping. They were across a field just above some trees (maples) and they were luminous as if you were looking down at the top of a light bulb that color and luminosity.

They seemed to just drift (from W to E) until they pulled an unbelievable 'reshuffling' maneuver. Shortly before they did this they came to a stop, where the two that comprised the short L changed position with two in the "stem" section. Then seconds after they did this the formations, they shot off almost in a blink of an eye. I was able to go get my mother when I had first noticed these things, and she had just seen them right when they were doing this reshuffling and then shot off. It was intriguing to me because whatever these things were they were going in the direction of Mt Kearsarge. Now this whole event happened in about 3-5 minutes.

We do have some airports around (Lebabon, Concord, Manchester, Springfield VT) and one Air Guard unit in Burlington VT at their airport. But they mainly flew F-15s and A-10s that are extremely noisy and fly near 1,000ft in pairs of only two and only during the daylight hours . None that I can tell can pull off maneuvers like these things did.

I have no cause to make this stuff up and I've only sort of put this on the 'back burner' because it appears me and my mother are the only ones to have caught sight of these things. Which is disappointing to me.

When I saw the "Phoenix Lights" sightings on a TV program about UFOs, I thought to myself in a way that's sort of what I saw a few years before them in smaller grouping, although they didn't exhibit motion and speed of flares. They looked like big light bulbs

Sorry to ramble like this but it is something that has always nagged me in the back of my mind. From the radio program you sounded like someone that would be very interested in hearing this. It has just bugged me for years.

If you want to contact me regarding this (and if you could let me know if anyone has seen anything similar to this anywhere else or in New England even better) that would be great. Please only through e-mail: (removed). I wish I had kept better detail of when it happened. But my mind is clear on what I saw. You never forget something like this.

It's just amazing nobody else saw what I did. I was expecting the next day it happened people to be talking about it at least or maybe there would be a newspaper story.

Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you very much to the witness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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