Mid 1990s

Southwest, Bloomington, Indiana Bright Flashing Light

Date: Mid 1990's
Time: Around Midnight

Witness: 3
Skyconditions: Overcast

This video is just a short clip of what went on for about a hour to two hours. Just for those who want to know, the camera John Tosti was using was a RCA, Small Wonder. VHS-C. Old camera so the pixelation was bad, but you can see in the film what is happening.

John Tosti, and 2 of his friends were outside taping and objects were popping on all over the sky as if they were trying to act like stars. If you see the whole video, you will see they come on one after another, to the left and right, all over, "I'm sending a second video tomorrow, where a Triangle craft shows up as well".

The objects surrounded John and his friends and this one begins flashing as if communicating, with the other crafts, or with John, don’t know on that. The color change is great, you can see some color with this downloaded version, but once again, its a old camera, and its not the original.

John asks that you pardon the language in one part, he says "****" but I know from experience when your taping, you sometimes forget your taping and get wrapped in the moment.

Thank you to John for the photos and footage

Video footage and photos are © 2005 John Tosti

Video clip Southwest, Bloomington, Indiana Bright Flashing Light - Video 3.06 mbs

Visit John's website: http://johntostistory.com/

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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