May 1992

Name: AA

Location: Downtown New Rochelle, NY

Date: May 1992 afternoon about 3:30ish broad day light

Approach Direction: From left to right,,directly above the street, say about directly 100 feet above the hi rise building, moving very slowly and cautiously.

Departure Direction: moving left to right

Witness Direction: All 12 cars were facing one direction waiting at the traffic light.

Description: We all were waiting for the traffic light to change and all of a sudden I looked up an saw this magnificent beautiful silverish disk with lightning or crazy static on the outside of this spaceship, i was so interested that somehow I didn't get out the car immediately as I would had, due to the fact that I strongly believed that I lost at least about 4-5 seconds of time,and wwhen I came to, we all immediately got out of our cars and yelled to the other people in cars on what we all saw. I told Dad to hurry an drive pass the hi rise building and when he did, it just was gone, that quick which tells me that they are incapable of disappearing.

Color/Shape: The normal silverish disk with dark windows and that Lightning or Static that was against the ship was unusual seeing.

Height & Speed: If the Hi rise building is about 12 stories high then the spaceship passing thru had to be about 200-300 feet higher. Friendly spaceship!!

TV/Radio/Press: We never reported it like we should had...


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/920500.shtml