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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 1st 1992 : Willsboro, New York


I have recently been delving into the field of researching UFOs, mostly historic cases from between the 40's to the 80's. Just on a whim I did a Google search on Willsboro Bay UFO, and the first result was your page. The reason I had done this search is because I am one of the witnesses to this sighting, and I have never reported it officially, and I was curious to see if any of the other two witnesses had done so.

I can prove my involvement by relating the name of the person whom I believe to have given the report, one [Name Deleted], as it was his father's [Name Deleted] property we were staying at. We indeed were out on the 2nd floor deck of the boat house facing the bay to the South.

As I recall that night we noticed a silent object drift out from behind the named mountain from east to west. We gave it little notice at first, because we knew there to be a military installation near the location from where the object first drifted out. There were also train tracks running north to south along this pass from where the object drifted, and these tracks were in use that night. The object drifted east back behind the mountain. As I recall it drifted out a second time, to the same stationary position it had taken up the first time, and it is this second time which I recall saying something like 'Guys, what the F are we looking at?', to which they replied something to the effect of we don't know. By this time it was already drifting back behind the mountain pass again to the east. What had caught me was that the object was completely silent, and it seemed to have lights blinking in all sorts of colors in random places, which would be odd for a helicopter, whose lights would have stationary positions along the body. Also if it was a helicopter, we could have easily picked up on the sound of the rotors coming across the calm waters of the bay. I also recall the evening being extremely silent, as if even the crickets had stopped to look at this thing.

When it came out the third time, [Name Deleted] decided to shine his flashlight at it to see what it would do, and as if almost waiting for us to have done this, the object returned a white beam of light immediately from somewhere on its body, which seemed to me to have been from the lower central portion of the craft. The light clearly painted our shadows on the wall of the boat house behind us.

The craft made several disappearances and reappearances, at times getting very close to the water of the bay below, so as we could see the reflection of the blinking lights in the water below. I recall it passing completely over the bay from east to west and disappearing over the hills to the west, only to reappear again from that location to recross the bay and vanish behind the east pass. And as I also recall it was a solid ball with no discernible features, with blinking lights all over it, in all standard colors of greens, blues, reds, and yellows.

During this event, at least one freight train passed by the object on the train tracks, running from the south to the north on the east pass, and I recall that the train shined it's main light towards the object to what would have been the engineer's left hand side. This tells me that the train engineer was also seeing something he or she was not expecting to see that night, and I must admit that the memories of that night stick with me the most, out of the many times we stayed up in that boat house over the summer of 1992.

I do not recall any missing time or anything else otherwise unusual about that night, aside from this amazing craft we saw floating all around the bay that night in complete silence and blinking multi-colored glory.

[Name Deleted]

PS I can also put you in touch with the 3rd witness from that night, as we are still in contact with each other after all these years. Although I have not seen [Name Deleted] for many many years now.

UFOINFO Note: Original sighting was reported to Brian Vike.