October 1992

Garden Grove, California

October 1992

I wanted to tell you about a sighting I had about 8 years ago in October with my father as a witness. It was a huge rectangular object with absolutely no lights and no sound. It was just after the last light was fading from the sky and if it had been 20 minutes or so later, I would have never noticed it at all. This occurred over my neighborhood in Garden Grove, California. I am not very good at estimated size and distance in the sky but if I hold my hand out in front of me towards the sky, it was about that big. As for the height it was way higher than a blimp. Not as high as a jetliner when they are cruising but maybe half that. Very difficult for me to estimate. I have wondered for years about this. I haven't heard anyone talk about a rectangular craft only triangle or round.

The thing that really amazes me though, is I live in a big metropolitan area and I don't think anyone else saw it.



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