December 1992

Name: David

Location: Valencia/California/United States

Date: December 1992

Approach Direction: Unknown

Departure Direction: straight up

Witness Direction: northeast

Description: I only have one sighting to share but it has kept me thinking for many years now. I think a sighting can be very informative if the observer notes not only what was seen but also the circumstances under which it was seen. I used to work for an amusement park in Valencia, California called Six Flags Magic Mountain. I was a junior in high school at the time and worked the summers, weekends, and holidays. This week the forecast called for thunderstorms and a high probability of light showers.

That day I was on my lunch break when I sat in my usual quiet spot (behind a false wall) not far from where Batman the Ride would later be built. It overlooked our employee facilities in the foreground and the intersection of the I-5 freeway (north/south) and the 126 (east/west) in the distance. My view was to the north and toward a small range of mountains on the other side of the I-5. The mtn peak is about 200 feet above the I-5 freeway and 1.4 miles from me. At its base now sits an extension to the Valencia Industrial Center and the northbound I-5 to 126 off-ramp. On the other side of this mtn range is a field of natural gas wells in what is called the Honor Rancho Plant (owned and operated by Southern California Gas Company).

At lunchtime there was a thunderstorm moving from northwest to southeast. It had already passed where I was but I could still see the lightning in the distance and the sky was entirely overcast. About 15 minutes after I sat down I had finished what I was eating and looked out at the freeway, at the range beyond, and then to the clouds. I was just passing the time I had away from my work when I saw something in the lower layer of the cloud formations. It was situated across the freeway and just above the mtn range (about 100 ft above the hill's peak). At first I thought it was a shadow. As it came into clearer view I caught a glimpse of its surface at one corner (which appeared highly reflective, like chrome) and thought maybe it was a helicopter even though I didn't see a tail and its shape wasn't really the same. But, it was in nearly zero visibility because of the bright cloud and was barely inching eastward (left to right), much slower than the clouds around it. This is probably why it caught my eye. It was a silverish tone (maybe metallic), elliptical and symmetrical in shape with the long axis parallel to the horizon line, 25ft in width, 12ft in height, and had no distinguishing extrusions. If it had any markings on its surface I couldn't see them from this distance (1.4 miles). Patches of cloud would make it partially appear and then disappear over what was to be 2-3 minutes. I watched almost unblinking at what I couldn't identify. I might add that the only sounds I heard included a light thundering to the east and the hum of the traffic on the I-5. I would normally have also heard the occasional yell from someone on a ride some distance away, but today the park was virtually empty. Then, at one point, a cloud passed in front of it, obscuring it completely. I'd lost it, but I kept watching hoping it would stay stationary. 15-20 seconds later it reappeared (now surrounded by darker clouds). It was now clearer than ever, had hardly moved, and didn't appear as reflective as when I first spotted the corner of it. I still couldn't see any distinguishing features and my mind was a blank as to what this object could possibly be. If it were a helicopter it's rotor blades would be pushing the misty cloud about and it had no skids, windows, or tail. I see helicopters patrolling the freeway all the time and this was no helicopter. It was kind of small to be a blimp and kind of big to be a balloon but I guess it could have been one or the other. Then it did something no blimp or balloon I've ever seen could do.

Only 8-10 seconds after becoming exposed, the object shot up into the clouds instantaneously and without deforming, like it were as rigid as a rock and shot from a gun. The speed was so fast (and the fact that the object was already nearly engulfed by the clouds surrounding it) that, had I blinked, I would have certainly missed this last maneuver. There was no deformation in the object that I noticed in the 2-3 minutes that I watched it. What I did see however was the deformation of the misty cloud as the movement of air suddenly displaced a small part of the cloud. This was the one key piece of information that convinced me what I saw was actually there. A fraction of a second before the object lurched upward I also saw it drop ever so slightly like it was "changing gears" or transitioning from one mode of operation to another. The speed of the final maneuver convinced me that what I was dealing with was not a object of any kind I had ever seen and I thought this maneuver was the last of this sighting and that I'd never see anything this unusual again. I was wrong.

I continued to look in awe over the freeway for some hope of an answer. Then, about 30-60 seconds after the object shot into the clouds, a tiny sliver of lightning (that I couldn't hear at that distance) struck EXACTLY where the object had been situated. I didn't really think much of the lighting at the time (probably because I was more amazed by the object I'd just seen), but I'm sure the lightning was no coincidence and I've thought about this sighting (the only sighting I've ever had) for years.

Color/Shape: 25'wide x 12' tall, football shaped, highly reflective "chrome" surface

Height & Speed: 100' above a 200' hilltop. Departed like a bullet from a gun.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/991200.shtml