Summer 1992-1994

Original UFOINFO Sighting Form Report:

Name: Dan

Location: New Richmond, OH USA

Date: I can not recall exact date, year was 1992-1994.

Approach Direction: Did not see approach, noticed object from a distance.

Departure Direction: West, northwest

Witness Direction: Northwest

Description: My friend and I were sitting out in the road by my house between 1-3 AM in the summer. We were in high school at the time. I noticed what looked like to me a street light quite a ways off. However, I knew I had never noticed it before. The more we looked at it, the more puzzled we became as to what it was. I went inside and grabbed a pair of binoculars. When I looked at it through the binoculars, it appeared that it was many white lights making up the circle, which from our distance without the binoculars had appeared to be one big light. As I say, the object was some ways off, but we observed it and it was motionless for at least 15 minutes. Then when we least expected, it took off straight up, then slightly left and went very high into the sky so that it then appeared like a satellite does. Then it travelled rapidly off to the West and rather quickly disappeared into the sky.

Color/Shape: White, circular shape.

Height & Speed: Departure speed was tremendous. I could not even guess. Height would be difficult to guess as well, as eventually it disappeared into what I would say was outer space, as it did not disappear into the horizon.

TV/Radio/Press: No report made until now.

Follow-up report from Brian Vike:


New Richmond, OH is a small town near the Ohio River, East of Cincinnati by about 20 miles, and the sighting occurred in the countryside. It was a clear night, summertime. I don't recall the moon being full. It is very difficult for me to judge the size and speeds of the object, as I just couldn't judge the distance at the time to get proportions. Maybe it was a mile or two away? Because, like I say, at first I thought it might be a street light about a half mile down the street that I hadn't noticed before. But I realized it would be impossible to see that street light from my house, as the road goes down a hill and turns to the left. I would say it was larger than any airplane I've ever observed in the sky. The light (many lights, as it turned out. Maybe 50-100 in all) was circular, and I did not see any other outline or shape of whatever I saw. Just the light (lights). My brother in law has since said that he thought it was a triangle shape, but that is not what I recall at all.

I guess Wright Patterson AFB is about 60 miles from there. Also, Greater Cincinnati airport is about 25 miles away. The thing is, my friend and I (and I am still in touch with him, he is my brother-in-law now) just could not believe when the object shot up in to the sky, then travelled rapidly to the west/northwest. We did not hear a sound, but my God it was so fast it could not have been anything known of, or anything I have ever seen. The distance it travelled was unreal. It literally disappeared into space. Once it started moving to the west/northwest it quickly took on the appearance of a satellite or other near earth object, like a moving star across the sky.

Any other questions I will be happy to try my best at. I wish it wasn't so long ago, but as a couple of teenagers, we knew that no one was likely to believe us and that even though we both knew what we saw, it was difficult to describe.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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