July 1992/1993

Salisbury Beach Sighting

I live on Long Island now, but a few years ago I saw an unusual sight while walking on Salisbury Beach (on the Mass-NH boarder) one mid-July evening about 11 pm... I've always been intrigued by the "UFO" phenomena, but I never saw anything remotely unusual until that night. Having said that, I've since forgotten the actual year this event took place... (It was somewhere around 92 or 93... That evening there was a fairly active meteor shower occurring , so me and a friend were walking down the beach checking them out, when he said "Hey, look at that" and pointed to the southeast. I saw what appeared to be a satellite in terms of size of the dot of white light and its speed.

When first spotted the object, it was about 2/3 of the distance from the horizon to straight overhead (60 degrees elevation ?), and it was headed towards the southwest horizon (which coincidentally (?) also happened to be the same trajectory that the meteors were taking)... But what was so peculiar about this object was it was moving exactly like a SINE WAVE ! First it would move left in a straight line, and then bend back to the right, back and forth, all the while continuing to drop towards the horizon.

The amplitude (peak to peak) of the sine wave path was approximately 3 fists wide extended at arms length. It was definitely slower than the meteor. How could a meteor move back and forth like that ? How could a satellite ? When you couple the forward momentum with the side to side motion of the sine wave path, and you also assume that the object was at a typical elevation for a satellite, you don't have to be a genius to realize the g-forces alone should have made this motion impossible for any type of object, man-made satellite or natural meteor... and was one. Just like satellites do, the object dimmed out at about 45 degree elevation, give or take. Thus, we saw the object for all of perhaps 5-10 seconds.

I wish I had documented what I saw at the time, especially since I take an interest in unexplained sightings, but alas, some of my recollections may be slightly inaccurate as a result... I refuse to call what I saw a "UFO", even though it was unidentified (to me), and a flying object of some sort. I just dislike the negative connotations that the term "UFO" implies (aliens, abductions and the like). But there is no question in my mind that what we saw that night was unusual and (as of yet) unexplained...

If someone can attempt to rationally explain what I saw, or, failing that, perhaps some of you have also seen something similar in the night skies...

I'd be interested to hear from anyone on this matter. My only attempt at any type of explanation would be some type of top-secret government test of a star-wars system.
However, I've attempted to logically analyze this event, and the sticking point to me for this explanation would be the g-forces acting on the object...



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