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Sighting Report

Erie, PA, USA

Name: Paul Gangemi

E-mail: paulwasp@webtv.net

Buffalo Road and Downing Ave. In Erie, PA USA

Friday, Oct. 15, 1993 approximately 1030 PM

Approach Direction:
Northeast, one object

Departure Direction:
Southwest, same object as above

Witness Direction:
I was facing south

I was a cab-driver at that time, and was waiting for the It was a large medium green circle (disk?) with a misty rim, fuzzy rim.

As I said, it was medium green, misty-edged, and perfectly round.

Height & Speed:
It was about 1/2 the size of the moon. It went from a 11 o'clock position southwesterly to the horizon in about 6 seconds, and at no time did it diminish in size. I can't estimate how fast that would be. It must have been as far away as the distance to the horizon, because it didn't diminish in size as it disappeared over the horizon. Definately not a spot light.

I heard nothing about it in any media


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