Buffalo, New York Rotating Lights - UFO

Date: 1994

Hi Brian,

Me again...I thought I would go right to my most enjoyable sighting, the one that made me find your site in the first place, and then I'll write you later about the rest. Which I found out how my latest sighting was considered a Close Encounter of the First Kind. I have had three of those, two of which I seen just this past summer.

Now, the first time I noticed my rotating lights was in 1994. There is actually three of them, the brightest one, I call the Mamma. Each one is located very far apart, in a triangular pattern. These again, at that time, would move. My boyfriend, now my husband, was able to witness them too. They would move about a mile to one side, hang out, and then go back to their original position. This would go on all night, and they would never change position, the same as a star would as the world turns. They are always in the same place every time I want to go look at them.

I moved from that area, but I was able to easily find them. They don't really move anymore, just brilliant rotating action of beautiful colors. They do not twinkle, they most defiantly rotate their colors. First it's like, (I don't remember the order of the colors, but I'll find out tonight), would start off with a blue, red, green, and then a huge spot light white. When I tried to look at it through binoculars, all I get is a very dense orange ball, with a dark lining. I plan on going out with my digital camera tonight and try to get pictures of it, and maybe anything else I happen to spot.

One time, I said in my mind, while watching it, I thought, "Please show me something amazing, I am no longer afraid, just show me something:" All of sudden, a white, almost shooting star, shot right from it..it was really cool. I thanked it, and went inside.

Another thing I witnessed a couple years ago, which scared me half to death, I was out watching the stars, as usual, and I was about to go inside, when I happen to look straight up above me, and there was a circler object, dark inside, but a ring around it, it was orange (it reminded me of a hula hoop) It scared me so much I went inside, and it was a very long time before I could go back outside to look again.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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