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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 19th 1994 : Elkhart, Indiana

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Sighting Report

Elkhart, Indiana USA

16th May, 1994

Date: Monday, 05/16/1994 4-4:30 EST

Approach Direction: from the west, headed due east.

Departure Direction: don't know. They seemed to disappear one at a time.

Witness Direction: North

Description: It was a clear day, no clouds, and no obstructions. My husband was outside and I was in the garage, when he called for me with some alarm in his voice. I ran outside, and he pointed up a little, and to the North, and said "what's that?" I saw a tight cluster of chrome balls moving across the sky in front of us, and they were circling around eachother REALLY FAST, kind of like the way you'd expect molecules to move around eachother, It was like they were dancing...

There were about 6 of them, but we're not sure of the exact number, because they were spinning around eachother so fast. After watching this for about 30-45 seconds, the cluster seemed to stop perpendicular to where we were, and then they seemed to disappear, one at a time, until they were all gone. They were balls for sure. They could not have been any other shape. The way the sunlight glared a reflection on each of them in the shape of a wedge, or crescent, and the reflections never changed appearance, even as the balls danced around. They were circling so fast, and they were so close together, it seemed they would crash into one another. It was a very tight cluster, meaning that the space in between each of them was only as big as the balls were. It was actually very beautiful. They moved with such flowing grace around eachother, even at those speeds, and even at those close proximities to one-another. It wasn't even a bit frightening. It seemed like they were playing, or something.

Color/Shape: Chrome in color, almost mirror-like reflectiveness, and spherical in shape.

Height & Speed: No more than 300 feet up, and maybe travelling at about 5-10mph, then they seemed to disappear one at a time. (about a year later, we saw a videotape of a chrome colored ball that seemed to disappear, until they slowed the tape down to reveal that it actually had darted away at astronomical speeds)

TV/Radio/Press: It wasn't, and I never heard anything about anyone else seeing it.

Report submitted by Monica & Alan Cummings