East-Northeast Murphysboro Lake, Illinois

August 1994

East-Northeast Murphysboro Lake, Illinois A Triangular Shaped Craft

Date: August 1994
Time: 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: In this report the witness did provide a lot of names, which I either removed or changed.

Location of Sighting: Back roads approx 4-7 miles east-northeast Murphysboro Lake continuing to approx: 1 mile west of Cambria.
Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 1 2 or 3 depending on if they could morph or camouflage their appearance.

Full Description of event/sighting: Coming home from fishing at Murphysboro Lake one hot summer dusk (August 1994) my friends and I came within extremely close proximity to a very large pyramidal type black ship. The first strange thing started when I was gazing out the window into the eastern sky as we had just decided to take the back roads back to Herrin from Murpysboro Lake. I believe it was myself who first pipe up about the strange "star" that seemed to be shadowing us from a sort of strategic defense posture. It was hovering over a field in the east 200-300 feet of the ground, 100- 200 yards away. The object was spherical, pulsating, "orbing" and began to shift to an orangish, yellowish, goldish "orbing". I notified my friends that something strange seemed to be keeping pace with us for some reason.

That's not a star. My friend says, yeah I see it too. My two other friends are also in the car. Sam is the driver. As we approached a "T" in the road up ahead we decided we should attempt to cut off the pulsating light ahead by making a right turn to the east. As we made the right turn I was transfixed by the object of light and ever so unexpectedly the light turn right exactly when we did and maintained an exact parallel course to us after "shadowing" us for one minute or two more the object seemed to be advancing on our position. The light became brighter and went out of sight for a moment. We realized in a second or two that it went over our heads ever so silently. At this point we stopped the car on the side of the road and got outside. We looked north in to a wooded valley, 100 yards away or so. We could clearly see that something had landed in the forest.

It appeared to be a large pyramidal structure that was very much stable. It seemed impossible that such a large structure could exist in those woods, because the trees were to dense 80-100 year old oak and hickory trees. You could see that the forest was dense but the object was not. There was a silver strobe light at the apex of this pyramid structure flashing at a quick rate as if charging up. The light was lighting up the entire forest. We were observing this from about seventy to a 100 yards away and about 20 30 feet from the north side of the road. My friend pipes up and says, lets go meet the aliens. We thought about it for like one second and decided unanimously that we should leave considering that we know that there was a large pyramid type craft. The size of which could be the size of a large house or more. We decided we had to at least tell somebody about this and see if we could make any sense of what it is and what it's intentions were.

We were very worked up about this but in a very solemn, oh heck sort of way. We knew a friend who lived in that area of those back roads named John. I don't know his last name but I do know that he is a well known mechanic in the area and we went to his place sort of at the beginning of Cambrias western back roads, so about a mile or two west of that is where the craft landed. We raced off to John's place, he has a pond outside his country auto shop. We tell John he's got some crazy stuff flying around his backyard, and that a UFO just landed a mile or two that way in a wooded valley. Another man was present and we told them both that we should go outside to check it out, because they would for sure see one or it. So all six of us are standing out by his pond facing the north western sky in the direction it had landed. For 3-5 minutes we stood scanning the sky, I was looking east when I felt a presence on the left side of my head northwest. I turned and looked up at an object about 100 - 150 feet above our heads and about 200 feet NW of our location. The ship was a triangular shaped craft when viewed from the underside as it floated silently closer.

There were three amber, yellow colored lights. One at each apex of the triangular underside of the ship. There was one large diameter circular bluish white light in the center of the underside, which cast light directly down in a tube. There was what I call a search light scanning the area and lighting up the surrounding trees as the craft lit up the ground, trees, and us in a sweeping grazing motions. The craft came to a pause directly above us at about 75 feet, it was completely silent and the size of about 3/4 of a football field. Looking up the side of the craft, it ascends at peak about a 75-100 feet above the base of the craft. The craft seemed to lack solidity while at same time being solid halfway to the top of the craft seemed to be a slit that appeared to be windows. I could see light in the windows of an amber color and shadows moving within. I knew there were "people" of some kind in that craft. There was a red light zinging around the pyramid structure, approx: 50 feet above the base of this triangular pyramid dark metal, but dull as if sucking in light. At the apex of this structure I could see the silver strobe that had been lighting up the woods. It is my opinion that this ship can somehow shift, or phase from place to place and can exist in the same place at different times.

I don't know exactly how long the craft hovered above us, it could have been 20 seconds to a couple minutes. We couldn't really believe what we were seeing, but we were being forced to. This thing had intentions for us that night, I am sure of it, just by it's behavior alone. This event changed my life forever. I would never look at the world the same again and the contacts kept happening in the area for over 4 or five years. I had a few more sightings, not as close as the others but still the same triangular craft near Herrin cemetery year or two later. A gentleman was ahead of me in his car and I saw a UFO,, same type triangular floating above us a 100 feet or so. I pull him over, he gets out and says he doesn't know what that is and it fly's away ever so silently and darkly. Anyway there were many incidents that multiple witnesses were either chased or shadowed by these type of UFOs. I have waking dreams were I am paralyzed by an invisible presence in the room and could feel a sensation of being pulled off of the bed I was sleeping on. I have been attacked in these waking dreams frequently at my mother and fathers residence in the past. My grandfather who built the house said in the forties or so he saw something fly over the yard in broad daylight and did not make a noise. My grandmother said a glowing ball of "fire" came into her living room through a closed window and went back out that same window after buzzing around the room. My grandfather on my mothers side would curse "demons" at his bedside and was thoroughly obsessed with the devil.

P.S. - The exact dates of these occurrences are unknown but possibly could be ascertained or delivered through research and interview if needed (main event occurred in August 1994, all of my sightings occurred from 1993 - 1998 or so) waking dreams occurred more frequently in mother and fathers house around may- August 2000-- grandpa dads side flying house sighting 30's or 40's can be corroborated by other family that said he told them about it as well--grandpa moms side took mom and dad to weird people 1977 or so --- cursed "demons" at the foot of his bed for sure in the 80's and probably his whole life.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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