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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Fall 1994 and 1997 : Goshen, Ohio

Goshen, Ohio Possibly A Triangular UFO And The Grays

Date: Fall of 1994 and later incident in 1997.
Time: N/A

Location of Sighting: Goshen, Ohio.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Possibly triangle.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was driving around one night about 12:00am, (midnight) and it was in the Fall of 1994. I was driving with a girl and her cousin and a neighbor down Woodville Pike, next to Stonelick Lake in Clermont County, Ohio, between the towns of Goshen and Newtonsville, which are approximately 26 miles from downtown Cincinnati to the east. Anyway, my friends and I were driving in an 87 Camaro with t-tops and as I was driving down the road, one of the kids in the back said "oh my god, what is that?" When we looked up, flying over top of the car was these lights, three long lights, like long neon lights. The two on the outside of what I would assume were wings were a lavender and the one in the middle was 1 and a half times as long as the two outside ones and was pink. The object flew precisely over top of the car, even following around the curves, until we stopped at the stop sign to turn left at the lake. After that, it flew off to the north. The other three people in the car were terrified.

I was not, I was feeling normal and as I was driving them home I was teasing them unmercifully about how the beings in the craft were hiding invisibly above the car, waiting for me to drop them off one by one to grab them as they walked to their house. I knew absolutely nothing of UFOs and such at the time. So looking back I don't understand how I would know to tease them about that, or even why they were scared. Those kids stopped talking to me after that night. To this day I have had zero association with them, as they refuse to talk to me.

A few years later, as noted in the date of event section. I was spending the night with my older brother as we worked together and were riding to work together since he had gotten divorced. He lived in an old trailer way back in the woods off of U.S. route 50. I was asleep on the couch, with the TV on. I can not sleep without a TV or radio on, for some reason I can not fall asleep in a quiet room, because the slightest sound makes me wake up and anyone approaching the door to the room I am sleeping wakes me up instantly, adrenaline-rushed and ready to fight. I had a dream that night that as I lay on the couch that I woke up because something had my index and middle finger of my left hand in it's teeth. This creature was gray, about 3 or 4 feet tall, with a big fat head and huge black eyes. It had these teeth that were like a rabbit or squirrel, curved, or maybe it was some special mask or something and I got the sense it was taking blood from me. At that time, my brother walked into my dream and said "leave him be, he is not one, let's go to the house."

The house being the landlord's house that was further back the lane my brother lived on, I assume. The next day when I woke up, I discovered I had a dead bloody mouse in my left shoe when I put my foot in it as I was getting ready for work. My brother had no cat or dog in the house. About 3 weeks later I met this older woman who was into the whole "new age" stuff, auras and what not. She told me she was good at deciphering dream meanings. So I told her about the dream with the bug eyed thing and she said they were called "grays" and lived in some other plane and were evil.

She told me that the reason my brother was in the dream and warned them off, is that they use familiar people in our dreams to alleviate fears and she suspected that the grays were after the people in the house, not me and had made a mistake. I have never had any incident since, until my oldest brother passed away. Never at any of these times was I scared, but since my older brother died, I have had a dream a few times about those beings telling me how they could have saved him from dying if I had contacted them. I am a pretty stubborn, defiant man who would be more inclined to bludgeon a strange being in my house than speak to it and firmly believe I could do so. The dreams about me asking for their help seem to be some way of saying, "we can make your life wonderful if you welcome us into it, don't fight us". Sorry for rambling, but I recently found your website and figured I would relate this stuff, see if it is all imagination. Sorry for taking up so much time.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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