Feather River Canyon, Oroville, CA

Date: 1995
Time: n/a

My partner and I saw 2 very strange things up near the Feather River Canyon (above Oroville, CA) – 2 nights in a row. The first night we were in the bottom of the canyon with not much sky to view. We had been camping and were just laying back observing the sky. The first thing we saw were two lights came into view past the ridge of the canyon wall (kind of satellite looking) but small and the color was like those new expensive headlights on cars – bluish. They were moving (without sound) parallel to each other. We thought it was curious. Next thing, a jet (with sound and lights) came into view. It appeared as though the jet was following the two bluish lights. This jet was big, loud, and had its own lights – which blinked. When the jet came into full view, the two bluish lights just shot forward and disappeared like some kind of hyper-speed. We both looked at each other just baffled. The jet continued to cross what sky until eventually it went out of sight and earshot.

The second night, we were at the top of this canyon – so the sky was wide open. We were cooking our dinner on an open fire. It was beginning to get dusk. What we saw was what looked like a contrail – only the beginning and the end had the same width. What we saw maintained it’s width the entire time we saw it. We thought it might be a laser type spot light, but the origin and destination remained parallel as it crossed the entire sky – about 30 minutes. It was not like the light beam you see at car lots or shopping centers – those spot lights that have a stationary spot from which it revolves. This stream or beam was sort of like a copy machine – how the light covers the surface being copied with a parallel line. Since this was the second night to see something, we were a little scared. This area opens up to the east in a high desert to Nevada.

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