March/April 1998 : PRESCOTT, ARIZONA

Mount Shasta, California Silver Saucer & Other Sightings

Date: Vary
Time: Vary

It was a daylight sighting en route to Mt. Shasta (I live near it), which my husband saw as well... just a little silver saucer-shaped "scout ship" skipping along across the top of the mountain. We were driving on I-5 at the time, and could neither pull over nor slow down sufficiently to get a really good look, but we both saw it. Another happened right in the night sky visible from our front yard (proof positive you don't have to "go" anywhere to have a sighting!), and which we later learned others in our town had seen and reported over a course of two or three days.

That one was lights in the night sky in the shape of a triangle (HUGE) which moved slowly from south to north, moving at an upward angle towards the full moon. My husband and I were sitting out front enjoying the cool evening (I believe it was June or July) and talking nostalgically of our trip to Peru, from which we had recently returned. In mid sentence (his), I interrupted with "What the hell's that??!"

My husband said, "Go get the binoculars!", and I sprinted into the house to do so. I handed them off to my husband, who had it in his sights still, and then ran next door to alert the neighbor, who I knew was interested in the subject of UFO's and would never forgive me if I witnessed a sighting from our front yard and did not tell him...! By the time I got back, the object had disappeared.

My husband said it had gone in front of the moon (it was bigger than the full moon) and vanished, as if someone simply turned off the lights with a switch. There had never been any sound what-so-ever, and when I consider the distance it traversed across that sector of sky in the time involved, it must have been moving very fast indeed, although to our eye it looked like it was just moving in a steady, gradual pace.

In other words, it did not "flash" across the sky like a meteor. It was more like the speed or motion you view on a very high flying plane. Except of course that no plane is shaped like that (!) or of that size, and if one were, and were close enough to be seen in that way, you would most certainly HEAR it..! I believe the newspaper wrote the sightings off as having supposedly been a "stealth blimp". We talked to a few other people who saw it in different locations on different nights. They all reported the same three point triangle shaped lights and the fact that it moved in complete silence.

I had another sighting while visiting a friend who owns property outside of Prescott, AZ, in a little community known as Dewey. I was staying with her, and she and I and her boyfriend had just returned home from a night out in Phoenix.

It was about ten or eleven at night. We said our goodnights, and I went upstairs to the guest room I occupied, got ready for bed, and had just opened my eyes after saying a prayer which had included words to the effect of ".... and greetings and blessings to my sisters and brothers from other plains, planets and dimensions", something I often do. The room I occupied had windows on three sides, and because it was on the second story and there were no other houses near by, you didn't feel the need to block them with curtains or blinds. I enjoyed looking out on the night sky each night before I drifted off to sleep, and that night I opened my eyes for one last look, and what I saw in the window frame directly across the room from my bed was a very large golden ball of light, moving silently and slowly in a straight line across the top of the hills in the distance. I watched in fascination until it moved out of the frame of the window, then jumped out of bed to run over to it (the window) for a better view. I felt a warm, loving presence as I did so, and there was definitely a sense of "communication".

I watched for probably 30 seconds before it quietly winked out. I "felt" in my heart of hearts that it contained consciousness, and that it somehow related to the closing words of my prayer. My friend was very nonchalant about it when I went down and tapped on her door to tell her what I'd seen. There are many sightings in her neck of the woods, and they are quite common-place, so it's no big deal to the residents! I felt singularly blessed, however, and as though "someone or something" had responded to my greeting...!

In any case, there have been one or two others (sightings), but I will fill you in on those some other time. As far as dates, the enormous triangle shaped craft we saw from our front yard was in 1997. The glowing golden orb I saw in AZ was in March or April of '98, and the daylight "bent hot dog" sighting in Mobile at the UFO Conference (it was supposed to be the Gulf Breeze Conference, but a hurricane at the section of beach and hotels where it had been scheduled to be held, so the conference people had to shift everything over to Mobile in a two week time span...!) was I believe in '95.

I hope the information I've shared is of some interest to you.

Best Wishes,

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting reports. As I mentioned briefly to this person, I wonder if there might be more going on that she is aware of. Possible !

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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