Santa Ana, Orange County, California

July 4th 1995

Location: Santa Ana California United States In Orange County By Anaheim And Newport Beach Ca.

Date: July 4th 1995

Approach Direction: West floating most of the time

Departure Direction: Up in to the sky in high speed

Witness Direction: Loking west up in the sky

Description: Phenominal light with different colors beutiful look like a diomond shape it was staying still no sound it move up and a helicopter was coming by so the ufo move up slowly and started to shoot fire like a rectiangle coming down the helicopter startle and took off going south from the north I tough maybe this is something big I wonder if the fire landed in the land it was about 3 bars of fire like a video game about 30 people seen it in my block and about 70 in my uncle block that we know. Its an amazing story because not many people have seen something like this well as the object move up he came back in zigzag style he spin like a top and move relly fast to the north up in to the sky and come back then disappeared.

Color/Shape: Golden,pink,blue,all mixin to a spin

Height & Speed: Quiet faster then any thing in this planet, about 15,000

TV/Radio/Press: No not that we know of it


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