August 17th/18th 1995

Hagerman Idaho - Seven Objects Appeared

August 17th, 1995:

I received a phone call from my father while I was residing in a apartment complex in Twin Falls Idaho at the time. He told me that him and my mother have seen something very strange up in the hills just above Hagerman Idaho, known as the Bill Rapids (Its actually spelled Bell Rapids ~ ). Hagerman is my old home town.. I have grown up in that town while attending school in Gooding. However, I didn't believe him but he told me that he wasn't lying and wanted me to come down and pay a visit so he could show me.. I said sure.. but had to wait for the next day because my wife was using our car to visit her parents at the time.

August 18th, 1995: 1900HRS.

I arrived at my parent's house in Hagerman. My dad was telling me that he saw something that "crashed" up in the hill and it looked like a atomic explosion during the night before. He said that it was more of a purplish explosion like a shell type went off or something like it and these things were flying around it aiming a beam at the place where a thing, supposedly a UFO exploded.

Then my mother, dad and I went up to the hill roughly around 2100 hrs. This is a area where the government announced that Bell Rapids is to be the fossil bed monument for its famous fossil horse.... we have had talks in the past with suspicions that the government had other reasons to seal this part of the desert off to prevent any damage to the desert....however exactly at 2230 hrs, we were at the overlook there standing there, my dad was having a beer, my mother was just sitting there talking and talking like there is no end...

Then all of a sudden 7 objects appeared in the sky, mainly in the area of southwestern desert, These objects were huge and they all glowed like orange-yellow balls going around in the sky. At first I thought there were forms of lightening balls, but not in that color type.. when the lights were flashing in the sky, they went dim and I could see red specks in the sky circling something... then whatever they are, turned the lights back on and one of the object disappeared and reappeared assumingly like 30 miles apart from the original group.

However, in the back of my mind, I knew something was going on up there in that part of the desert.. something very strange is going on at the time and the way these objects acted, it looked exactly like as if they were circling around a piece of land there and I could tell that these objects were huge and at a distance of 35 to 40 miles away that one of these objects would fit exactly the size of the city of Hagerman itself.

When these objects moved, they were moving in a circular pattern, almost like Orion pattern (constellation Orion) and exactly what I saw in movies...when the show first starts up, the Orion pictures show the symbols of stars circling...exactly as that. Then when one of the objects disappeared and reappeared so far away from the main group, it had shown to me that it looks so familiar to something that I have seen before. I then remembered at the exact moment when we saw these objects in the sky, that there is a Indian burial grounds up there somewhere near there that we saw when I was a kid. There were small mounds of rocks positioned in a large circular pattern and one of the mounds are far away from the group. This is near where I found that stone....

Then...when the objects were circulating in that area, the object which left the main group reappeared back with the group and left the area... they left real fast too.. Then when we went back to my parent's house, I had wished I could have had a video camera, or even a photo camera or anything that I could have recorded that moment. Due to lack of finances, I didn't have anything like it with me at the time.

Then later on during the week, there were reports coming in over the bearcat scanner and CBs' that truckers where they go up during the night to load the sugar beets on their trucks, mysterious objects keep pestering them from time to time. This has been going on ever since. Then when I came into town of Hagerman a few years ago when I first moved to Utah, I asked my father about these things and he said that these objects keep doing this to people who were driving vehicles up in the desert. People of Hagerman just decided to keep their mouths shut regarding these objects because of fear of being intimidated by the government or such alike. They also have decided that any object that pestered with them, they wouldn't report it over broadcast or in any form of communication just as long there isn't any accidents or injuries caused by these objects.

This is one thing that had gotten me wondering after all of these years, which people are not coming forward about these things. One of the reasons is the fear of US government intervention regarding property rights which the US govt. announced that the entire area is a fossil beds monument and the government had other reasons why they have done these things in the desert.

Several years ago, there was a report on TV in the local area that a army helicopter went down from Gooding Idaho,(about 30 miles from Hagerman) I think from the national guard there and they had kept everything under tight wraps on how it crashed. Then later they explained that there was some form of equipment failure that caused to down the helicopter. They just closed the "case" right there from the start, no more information allowed.

I know that you would find this interesting until I ran into a website on the internet explaining about a human mutilation in that area...Bliss Idaho is only 7 miles from Hagerman...and 22 miles or so from Gooding Idaho... This site explained about a human mutilation in Bliss Idaho but I strongly believe that it was caused by lightening but however there is no conclusion on what it could be. You can read it at: www.para-normal.com but however that site seems sluggish or is down. If it gets back up, you can go to that site and look on the right side of page which shows a mutilated human picture..click on that and it explains the whole thing.

Thank you to the witness for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/950817.shtml